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Global Visas started as a website in 1996 when it provided advice on visas and was owned and operated by a UK company providing immigration solutions.  In 2014 the company closed leaving globalvisas.com a great site which had helped over 4 million people emigrate since 1996.

We decided to relaunched Global Visas as a place where people and experts can meet and discuss all aspects of immigration and what it takes to make a success of emigrating to a new country.


You can see our comprehensive guides on Immigration issues, post comments, ask questions, create or join a group and network with other people who are emigrating or connect with experts who can provide Great advice.


Online much of the information you read is either out of date or misleading or incomplete and only a handful of websites every rank on google. At Global Visas, our aim it simply to allow people to get connected to experts across the world who may not appear on the first page of google near you but are truly brilliant at what they do.  We hope you can discuss their plans with those experts who can offer their ideas and solutions.  To ensure you receive the best advice our experts and moderators ensure the advice is correct from trusted members.


All we ask is that your questions are meaningful, the experts replying to your questions are doing so for free and we would like to thank them for their time and efforts. Check our terms of use if you want to know more

Respect each other and keep the site informative and a great free resource for everyone to use.


If you have a question or if you can share your experience on immigration law, visas available, shipping, employment, tax, accommodation, investments or a business facing global mobility challenges and would like straight forward answers join us and get connected to a world of expertise and be prepared to have your thirst for knowledge quenched!

Finally, we would like to say welcome and thank you for making Global Visas possible.

Join our global community f internationally mobile businesses and people who are looking to invest and live overseas.


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