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We are an open site committed to developing and maintaining the best possible immigration advice for private individuals by providing a forum for people who wish to emigrate and to connect with experts in their field.

Whatever your question, we hope someone has some great advice they can provide.  You can also post answers for others, start new topics and join groups or even start a new one.

We are passionate about immigration and the challenges people and businesses face when dealing with global mobility. 

Globalvisas.com was founded in 1996 and had over 1 million people a year visit.  In 2016 we relaunched Global Visas as a FREE forum to allow people to connect and share their ideas, expertise and experiences.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy being part of our community.

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Those who emigrate do so for a better way of life. We aim to support your efforts.

Let's talk about Immigration, Recruitment, Financial Advice, Taxes, Investment, Property, Eduction and everything you need to know.


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