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Canada has the world’s highest standards of living since 1994.  The Canadian people understand well their economy and society is only strengthened by foreign nationals coming to live and work in Canada every year.  A quarter of a million people immigrate to Canada annually with more than that expected in the coming years as Canada push to increase migrant numbers. If you too would like to secure a Canadian visa but not sure where to start or have a specific question we can help. You can ask our experts anything and receive a fast, complete reply as all our service are 100% free of charge.

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Many different Canadian Visas

There are many different types of visas for Canada and work permits so finding the right one depends on many factors and how quickly you would like to live in Canada.  Here are just a few Visas we can help with when people wish to go to Canada for family reasons, employment or study.  One of the most important steps is selecting the right visa for the job.  So take your time at this point and ensure you have a knowledge of all possible visas and understand their benefits and drawbacks to you and your case, it is vital to get this stage right even though things may change later a solid grounding in the options is important.  

Canadian Working Visas

Though skilled employment is a route to long-term residence in Canada, there are also Canadian work visas available for temporary and short-term employment in many areas.  The employment route is covered in more detail on other pages but simply put this is the most popular way to immigrate to Canada.  There is employer sponsorship which requires a Canadian employer to offer you a job.  This is not as hard as it may first sound.  Canada is starved of workers and there are thousands of open posts currently available. 

Provisional nominations

Another work visas available is the Provincial Nomination.  These visas only allow a person live and work within a certain province on arrival in Canada and each province rules and criteria change from time to time.  They also have caps to the number of visas they can issue in any given year.  This can be an effective way to live and work in Canada if other routes are closed at the time of application.

Federal Skilled Worker

The most famous and popular working visa in Canada as it allows you to arrive in Canada work freely and live anywhere.  These visas are granted to those people on the shortage skills list.  As Canada is a growing economy and looking for overseas skills to join them there are often dozens of skill types in demand from trades people to professionals.  The draw back is that these visa currently can take two years to complete.  Once approved however Canada is open to you to take full advantage of everything it has to offer. 

Express Entry 

From 2015 Canadian Immigration focus on the Express Entry structure for immigration control which is based on the Australian model of immigration.  The system allows a person to present themselves to the Canada Immigration and when a demand for their skills becomes available they will be issued a work visa.  It is important in these cases you prepare your documents perfectly as you will be selected from a large pool of talent and Canada will be care who they pick and grant a work visa to under this scheme as this will be a competitive market place for visas. 

Canada Long-Term Residency Visas

Foreign nationals who want to move to Canada on a permanent basis have several options. As a worker you can apply through the skilled migration scheme or the Provincial Nominee schemes operated by individual Canadian provinces. Long-term residency is also possible for business people or through the Family Class. can guide you through the various paths to immigration and explain the separate arrangements operated by Quebec.

Business and Investment

Canada actively seeks applications from experienced business professionals who can make a significant contribution to its economy. There are three categories of Canadian visa for business, covering entrepreneurs, investors and the self-employed. We can take you through the financial commitment required and how to apply.  With this visa the authorities are interested in how you will be beneficial to the local economy and not looking to undercut the local market.  Your business plan and financial planning will have to stack up.  We would expect you to have the same standard of planning as you would be expected to provide to a bank for a business loan.  Once approved it is a great visa and relatively quick to secure as Canada loves investment.

Study Visas for Canada

If you’re studying in Canada for longer than six months you will normally require a study permit. Students who want to earn money during their course may be able to do so without a work permit.  Education is a big deal in Canada and a very popular route to Canada immigration.  During your studies you can work part time but the best part is that after your studies you can stay for the length of the course.  for example if you have a one year course you can stay for a further year to live and work in Canada.  During this year if your employer decides to sponsor you and why not if you are a hard worker you can secure a work permit leading to residency.  On a two year course you can secure a three year work visa at the end of the course.  A great way to enter Canada if you are still building those skills Canada are looking for.

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There are several Canadian Immigration Visa categories you can apply under to become a permanent resident of Canada:

Skilled Workers and Professionals
Family Sponsorship
Provincial Nominees
Quebec Skilled Workers
Business Migration

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  1. Alita joyce p taguiam

    How to work in canada

    1. Profile photo of Admin Here To Help
      Admin Here To Help Post author

      There are various visas which will allow you work in Canada. The first is as a skilled worker under the Express Entry scheme. If a person is able to secure enough points based on your age, qualifications and experience along with your English language ability and other criteria you could be invited to emigrate.

      Another popular option is to go on a student visa which will allow you to work 20 hours a week while studying and once you complete your studies you can stay on in Canada to work full time. The time allow depends on your course. Often a student visa leads to permanent residency and the Canadian Immigration authorities have now made it easier to enter as a student and remain permanently.

      Finally, you could secure a job offer and the employer could secure an LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment to show they need you and can not hire a resident in Canada. This again can lead to residency.

      If you would like more advice on securing a visa please open a topic in our forum.

  2. Basilia Del Rosario Dadizon

    I wish to apply for immigration to Canada under Family Sponsorship. I have my sister in Ontario, Canada. She married to a Canadian citizen born in Canada. She has lived more than 20 years in Canada at this stage. Do I need to pay upon applying for immigration to Canada?

    1. Profile photo of Admin Here To Help
      Admin Here To Help Post author

      Canada Immigration prides itself on their range of family class visas to allow Canadian residents to invite their family to join them. On a federal level, this is however limited to a partner or child in the main, which in my opinion is not enough.

      Then there a Provincial Nomination Family Sponsorship Visas in agreement with the federal government, each province under this agreement a province can nominate family members to join their residence family members to join them in Canada. In some provinces, this can even extend to distant family members including cousins. The issue is that your sister is based in Ontario, which does not have such a provision at this time.

      On the question of fees, we do not charge for our advice but you would need to pay for a visa to enter Canada unless you are a non-visa national entering as a tourist or transiting through the country. I would like to see more effort being made to allow families to be united, however, I doubt that situation will improve anytime soon.

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