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Requirements for Student Visa Canada

Most foreign nationals will require a study permit to study in Canada and others will need to apply for a temporary residence Canada visa. Exceptions may include those taking courses lasting less than six months; family members of accredited foreign representatives to Canada; and members of a foreign armed force. Whether or not they need a permit, all applicants must demonstrate:

  • Acceptance by a school, university or educational institution in Canada.
  • Proof of ability to pay tuition fees, living expenses and return fares to their home country.
  • Ability to satisfy health requirements.

Student visa in Canada for short courses

The general rule is that you do not need a study visa for Canada if your course or university exchange scheme lasts six months or less. But those intending to extend their studies beyond the six-month period should still apply for a study permit before arrival. You must still apply for a study permit for a short course where:

  • You are considered a minor in the province where you plan to study.
  • You intend to work on campus.
  • You want to take part in a co-op or internship scheme.

Study and work in Canada

Foreign nationals wishing to combine study and work in Canada will not always require a separate work permit. Those with a valid student visa for Canada may work on the campus of the college where they are registered, either for that institution or a private business. This also applies to graduate and teaching assistants, who may also be allowed to work off campus without a work permit under some circumstances. To learn more about working while on a student visa, contact Global Visas.

Dependent children studying in Canada

The minor children of foreign nationals working or studying in Canada will usually require a study permit to attend school. Exceptions include:

  • Minor children attending pre-school or kindergarten.
  • Minor children who are refugees or offspring of refugee claimants.
  • Dependent children of accredited foreign representatives.

Primary and secondary school age children will need an open study permit, and those of university age will require a study permit for Canada.


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  1. Christine Javier

    Good day, I’m Christine from the Philippines and just want to ask if you are also assisting future student to Private schools that doesn’t require an IELTS upon admission? You’re response would be a great help to us.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Profile photo of Admin Here To Help
      Admin Here To Help Post author

      Hi Christine,

      Often in Canada, students will be expected to secure a 5.5 score in their IELTS to enrol in college. That said, you can enrol in an English course in Canada to secure te necessary grades to be able to go on to study a course in college. I know a number of great colleges I could recommend if you let me know what your planning to study and where.

  2. Gbolade Awolope

    International Experience Class Visas or Study Permit
    I just finished a two years diploma in Information and communication technology here in Cyprus and I will like to apply for holiday work visa in Canada but I have no work experience in IT as I just graduated, what are my chances?
    How do I apply or is there another type of visa I can apply for that will make get a work permit and allow me to work in Canada and gain work experience.

    1. Profile photo of Admin Here To Help
      Admin Here To Help Post author

      An international experience class visa can only be issued to citizens of countries with an agreement in place. For this reason, you may not be eligible for this class of visa and there is only a limited number issued each year. I would suggest you look at studying in Canada as it would provide several benefits. You will need to enrol in a course like those in Durham College for undergraduate studies or like Regina University for postgraduate courses. In Regina for example, they offer up to a $20,000 tax rebate if decide to remain in Regina after you complete your studies to live and work.

      That means there is every incentive for a student who may want to make Canada their new home study there and go on to secure a working visa followed by permanent residency. While you are studying you can work for a minimum of 20 hours per week term time and full time during college holidays. All these factors combined and other benefits I have not listed make a student visa to Canada an attractive proposition for you.

      If you would like to apply for a college course in Canada I can assist securing a place in college and advice on your student visa application, if you are interested in further help please open a new topic in our questions section and this will allow us to have a space specifically for your questions.

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