Australia Work Visas

Australian work visas 

Are one of the most sought after visas in the world.  The current Australian Government stated they wanted to be tougher on immigration.  This means the skills shortage list for Australia will no doubt be very short indeed!

That said Australian employers we know still have a demand for overseas skilled workers and are prepared to secure the necessary work visa to sponsor their employees live in Australia.

Below is a guide to different work visas available for Australia. Or you can ask our experts any questions you have now, completely free of charge. We shall provide fast, interactive answers specific to your needs. Why not ask?

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Skilled Australia Work Visas

The 189 Skilled Independent Australia work Visas

To qualify you must secure 60 points or more.  Points are awarded due to age, skills, years of experience, qualifications and other factors.  The 189 visa allows you to move to Australia permanently if you have the skills and qualifications in an occupation on the skills shortlist. You will also need to have good English skills. As a UK national you are deemed as having a moderate level of English but you can secure more points by sitting an IELTS test.

  • You are scored on points relevant to the Australian labour market and do NOT require a sponsor for the work permit.
  • This work permit includes you, partner and children.

Sponsored Australia work visas

489 Skilled Sponsored Australian work visas are for workers who are in the industries listed on the Skilled Occupation List, on which you are scored based on the Australian labour market.

  • You must be sponsored by a relative living in Australia or obtain a nomination from a participating State or Territory government agency.
  • This work visa can include your partner and family to live with you as permanent residents in Australia.

These visas are limited in number and often hard to secure in many states will require a number of items difficult to provide while living offshore.

190 State Sponsored Skilled Australia Working Visas

This Australian working visa is for people unable to meet the requirements for an 189 Skilled Independent visa and uses a points based like the 189 visa but awards additional points for accepting an invitation for state sponsorship based on the local Labour Market.

  • It’s granted for two years allowing the holder the opportunity to apply for permanent residency after two years residence in the state as long as the holder has worked at least 24 months in the Specified Area of Australia.
  • For this Australian work visa, you must be nominated by a participating State or Territory government agency in a designated area of Australia.

Graduate Australia work visas

Just like other specific Australia work visas, this is for recent graduates of certain overseas universities to work for up to 18 months to receive work experience in jobs which are in demand in Australia. This visa is NOT marked on points.

  • Holders of this visa can apply for permanent residence at any time if they meet the pass mark on the General Skilled Migration points test.
  • This work permit is for students who have completed an Engineering degree at Camborne School of Mines, Imperial College London, University of Birmingham, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, University of Nottingham, University of Portsmouth, and the University of Southampton.

These visas are certainly not straight forward and unless you are in a desperate rush to emigrate we would suggest you gain some UK work experience to be more attractive to employers once you do emigrate.

Temporary and provisional Australia work visas

  • For eligible overseas students and holders of certain temporary visas who meet the lower pass mark for this visa.
  • This visa is provisional for three years.
  • Applicants must be either sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area of Australia or nominated by a participating state/territory government. After living for two (2) years and working for at least one (1) year in a Specified Regional Area, applicants can apply for a permanent visa.
  • 18 month temporary Australia work visa
  • For overseas students with an Australian qualification obtained in Australia after at least two (2) years study.
  • Allows applicants who are unable to pass the points test to remain in Australia for 18 months to gain the skills and experience needed to apply for a permanent or provisional General Skilled Migration visa. No points test applies.

Temporary Business Long Stay – Standard Business Sponsorship (subclass 457)

  • This Australian work visa is for employers filling nominated skilled positions by employing overseas workers for a period of between three months and four years.

(Temporary) Medical Practitioner Visas (subclass 422)

  • This Australia work permit is an alternative route for doctors who should normally apply for a Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa (subclass 457).
  • The visa is valid for between three months and four years.

Australia Working holiday visas

The Australian Working Holiday Visa offers young people, between the ages of 18 and 31, the opportunity to work, travel and explore Australia for up to two years if they spend 90 days working on a farm in the first year.

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  1. Adebayo Olalekan Kabir


    I am presently working in Dubai as a chef, I want to move to Canada or Australia, how can you help me?

    1. Profile photo of Your Immigration Expert
      Your Immigration Expert Post author


      The question is a good one. First of all, let us address Canada, the best way would be to apply to a fast-food chain like McDonald’s, in a place like Whitehorse as they can often secure work permits for people with experience as securing a skilled visa can be difficult.

      To aim for Australia as a Chef is a better choice as there is a shortage of these skills and visas like the 189 and 190 visa are available for your skills in Oz. You will need to secure 60 points in their immigration test. These points are awarded for age, years of experience, qualification and English language ability.

      See the link to the official Australian Goernemnt points test calculator here

      The main challenge is securing a positive skills assessment. Unless you are a head Chef or have qualifications and several years of experience be careful as you do not want to pay for a skills assessment only to have your skills downgrade to a cook which is not on the shortage skills list and therefore would not qualify for a visa. Once you have assessed yourself against the points calculator and you believe you would qualify we would be happy to assist you.

      For more advice please join our community and open a new topic for your case in our forum so we can manage your case step by step and allow other users to see and learn from your questions and our replies.

  2. Joshua Turple

    Canadian Working In Australia

    I’d liked to talk to someone about requiring an Australian work visa, I am a canadian

  3. Profile photo of Martacv

    Temporary Work Visas

    I hold a Romanian passport, I’m 30 years old (31 next month) and I’d like to temporarily (a couple of years or so) work and live in Australia. Ive been checking the different type of visas but I’m a bit lost. I don’t have sponsor or particular qualification, I do have some family (cousin) that lives permanently there. Do I have any chances to get a working visa, or any better option?

    1. Profile photo of Your Immigration Expert
      Your Immigration Expert Post author

      Australian Visas from Europe

      I can not see an easy way for you to secure an Australian visa based on the information provided. However, there is a large Romanian community in Australia who are very active in supporting fellow Romanians.

      If you were able to find an employer willing to sponsor you for a 457 visa having developed skills in demand on the Australian consolidated skills list before your get too old, may work for you. having cousins in Australia will not help you at this time on it’s own merits. See this as a longer term project and develop your work experience in skills required and you could be living in Australia in just a few years.

  4. Profile photo of Prosper Tribe Mutsigwa
    Prosper Tribe Mutsigwa

    Moving To Australia

    Hello. I hold a Zimbabwean passport but currently based in Beijing, China. I am planning to move to Australia permanently. I also have close family who happens to be Australian citizens. Which Australian work visa suitable to apply and fast? I am also a qualified journalist. I have an associate degree in Journalism and Media, I graduated 3years back.

    1. Profile photo of Your Immigration Expert
      Your Immigration Expert Post author

      I answered your question and provided options for securing an Australian Working Visa when you posted on another page. Can you post a question under a new topic and I shall reply again.

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