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They say money talks and provides opportunities and that is certainly true when it comes to securing a visa from the Australian Immigration Authorities.  That said it is not the be all and end all of Australia will want to be confident you will continue post arrival to be conducive to the economy.

As these visa classes are complex and often specific to the individual we are going to offer an overview but to get into the detail simply ask us your questions for a fast, free response specific to your needs. So, why not ask?

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Australia Business Visas Duration

The initial four-year provisional state/territory business owner visas subclass can lead to Australian permanent residence. Like many categories of Australia working visas, this often requires the assistance of Australian immigration law experts.

There are a number of options available to you after the initial provisional visa expires. Which you take depends on your financial, business, and personal situation. The Australian immigration authorities have created a range of visas to cater to people who would like to invest in Australian businesses, begin a new business, or offer their knowledge and expertise to an existing business within Australia. Our bespoke consultations will help you decide which is the best option for you and your business.

We would expect to have your case for a State/Territory Sponsored Visa processed within just a few months. It is worth noting, however, that both the times and fees for processing are determined by the Australian immigration authorities. Because of this, we are unable to change either the times or cost of processing. 

Who is Eligible?

You must be under the age of 55 when lodging your application. There are some exceptions to this rule, most notably when the business endorsed as being of exceptional economic benefit to the state/territory by the sponsoring government.

If you are over 55 and wish to make an investment, you may be able to come to Australia on the Retirement Investor Visa, depending on your business history and assets.

To qualify for the Australian state/territory sponsored Business Owner Visa the following requirements must be satisfied. You must:

  • Have had a successful business career
  • Have personal and business net assets of at least $250,000, which can be transferred to Australia within 2 years
  • Have had an ownership interest of at least 10% in a main business or businesses outside Australia with an annual turnover of at least $300,000 in the period leading up to your application or have a sound employment record as a senior manager
  • Be registered or licensed if this is required by Australian law
  • Have maintained direct and continuous involvement in the management of the business on a daily basis and in making decisions affecting the overall direction and performance of the business
  • Have sufficient net assets to settle in Australia
  • Be sponsored by an AustralianState or Territory Government
  • Demonstrate the need to be in Australia to conduct or establish the business
  • Establish or participate in the active management of a qualifying business in Australia, and maintain a substantial ownership interest

A Senior Manager is defined as a person who has the necessary formal qualifications for the position after at least 3 years’ full-time study, has 5 years’ appropriate experience, and has been employed for at least 3 years in a relevant position. You must also have had a sound and continuous employment record for at least 3 of the 5 years immediately before the application is made. Under this definition, Senior Managers must make key decisions about how the whole or a substantial part of the business is managed.

Providing proof of your eligibility involves adding documents to your application which chart your business history, assets, and your qualifications. The scope of information needed for this visa is vast, and a large number of independent applicants qualify but do not receive their visas as the cases are not formatted correctly.

Business Visas - Experience Required

The following requirements are needed by visa applicants:

  • An applicant must have had a successful business career.
  • In two of the last four fiscal years, the Australian business visa applicant has had ownership in a qualifying business that has had a turnover of at least AU$300,000.
  • Combined business and personal assets have a net value of AUS$250,000, which is available for the running of a business in Australia.
  • They must also be available for transfer within two years of the granting of the Australian visa.
  • The Australian business visa applicant must also have sufficient assets for settlement and use in Australia.
  • The Australian business visa applicant must not have been engaged in a business where the provision of professional, technical or trade services took up more than 50% of their time.
  • The Australian business visa applicant must not have been involved in business or investment activities considered unacceptable in Australia.
  • The Australian business visa applicant must have notified the appropriate authority of a state or territory of their business history and intentions to develop a business in that state or territory.
  • The Australian business visa applicant must have a genuine and realistic commitment to participate, as a substantial owner, in the management of a new or existing business which will benefit Australia.
  • The Australian business visa applicant must have demonstrated that there is a need to be temporarily in Australia to conduct business.

Retire In Australia

Visa applicants must be of retirement age (55+ years) and have the assets to satisfy the specific visa they are applying for.

If you are applying for a general Investor Retirement Visa, your assets must amount to at least $750,000, with an income of $65,000. Under this visa, you are required to make an investment of at least $750,000.

If you are applying for the regional version of this visa, your assets and investment need to be at least $500,000, and your annual income should be over $50,000. Your consultant can explain which of your assets count towards this total and show how to format your documents correctly to make your net worth and investment totals clear to the Immigration Authorities.

The assets must be owned and legally acquired by yourself or your partner, and you must be able to transfer these to Australia when required. The funds that are listed as the investment requirement are in addition to the assets required, and cannot be used interchangeably.

Due to the age requirements for this visa, there are also some restrictions on health insurance. You are obliged to hold a health insurance package to cover yourself and your partner for the entire period of your stay. As a minimum, your package should provide coverage that’s equivalent to Medicare, with coverage for pharmaceuticals. It is generally a good idea to get fully comprehensive insurance so that changes in your package do not affect future visa applications once your initial visa has expired.

Are There Any Further Investments to Make?

Once your initial visa has expired, you will need to apply for another 5-year visa if you would like to remain in Australia. The extension requirements are largely the same – you must maintain your net income stream at the same levels as described above, and you have to make or maintain an investment of at least $500,000 if you live in a metropolitan area, or $250,000 if you would like to live in one of the designated regions.

These visas require you to maintain your investment for as long as the visa is valid, and investments can continue across the visa applications.

As with any government process and investment involving significant sums, it’s important to get it right first time.

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