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 Immigration law is complex and ever-changing across the globe.  We aim to explain how you may qualify for the best visa to suit your needs. We aim to take away the jargon (as best we can!) to leave you in control.

What Makes Unique

We have over 20 years experience in Immigration and have helped thousands of people emigrate across the globe from individuals just like you to assist many of the worlds biggest businesses.

Then we decided to stop charging fees for our services and through offer our knowledge accumulated over the past 20 years as leading experts for free.  In fact we do not even have a bank account we are so certain we shall never be taking money from anyone.

Putting You In Control

If you are on our site we assume you would like to secure a visa but not sure how to go about this task.  Firstly, relax, it is not that difficult and you are in the right place to have your questions answered and help is at hand.  

We avoid listing hundreds of page of confusing information and prefer to leave you in control to ask the questions that matter the most to you.  We shall answer all your questions and best of all it is completely free of charge. Our approach is to focus on your concerns and not try to show off our knowledge.

Next Steps

If you have specific questions and want answers fast join our FREE forum and ask the experts or find answers provided previously.  We moderate all replies to ensure only the best advice is provided.

We rely on people like you to join our site and ask questions from our experts and share your plans and our pages with your friends.  Without you we will have no one to talk to or help emigrate.  

We look forward to hearing from you, help you secure your visa and becoming your friend.


  1. Bilal Malik

    Hey there!

    If I wanted to visit Boracay or another cheap island or country can you suggest how would I go through the visa process?

    I would like to go with my wife to have some chill out time, but I’m too confuse how to secure a visa for a specific place?

    Please, guide me in that.

    1. Profile photo of Admin Here To Help
      Admin Here To Help Post author

      Boracay is a wonderful place to visit, I love the beach there. I would suggest for help with all tourist visas a person should first speak to their travel agent as they will assist you. In fact, there is a policy in most countries called “carrier liability” which means an airline is fined every time they allow a passenger to travel without the correct visa, so it is in their interest to assist in securing your tourist visa if required. Enjoy your holidays.

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