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New Zealand is known as a cultural mecca with an identity that belies it's relatively isolated South Pacific locality. As well as the traditional Maori and European culture, many new traditions are borrowed from New Zealand's Pacific Island neighbours. The influence of South East Asia is also strongly present and can be seen through the spectacular array of restaurant cuisine on offer in New Zealand. These are just a few of the reasons why a New Zealand visa is so sought after by those considering migration to New Zealand.

New Zealand is also home to rugby's traditional powerhouse, the world famous 'All Blacks', and was the host of the last two America's Cup yachting regattas. New Zealand is a country that loves its sport and people who are granted a New Zealand visa can expect to adopt the passionate sporting culture that is distinct to New Zealand. Outdoor life stylists and adventure sports enthusiasts will be in paradise in a country that can claim the invention of the modern 'bungee jump' and is host to one of the world's toughest eco-challenge events.

People seeking a New Zealand visa are often attracted to the relaxed 'Kiwi' way of life, making New Zealand one of the most popular destinations for both holiday makers and people looking to migrate abroad.

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There are several main South African Visa categories you can apply under:

  • Working Holiday Visa

  • Skilled Migrant Visa

  • Long Term Business Visa

  • Investor Visa

  • Business

  • Partner Visas

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  1. Profile photo of dook

    I am a qualified electrician, I am waiting for my EWRB registration, and want to go to New Zealand to look for work once I have the registration, at the end of March 2017, while I am staying with my brother in New Plymouth.
    My plan is to immigrate permanently with my wife and son to New Zealand.
    What are the requirements for a working holiday visa?
    and is this the best option?

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