Review International Education

Review International Colleges

From a room above a fast food takeaway that called itself a world leading university to Oxbridge in the UK and the Ivy League in the USA we have seen them all over the past 20 years.

While most countries are protective of their educational image and so regulate who can call themselves a college many underwhelming educational establishments still exist. That said some fantastic college and Universities are also available. 

Then you must be aware of how student are treated under the local immigration act. In the UK once a student graduates they almost always have to leave, while Canada and Australia welcome students to stay on, work and eventually become permanent residence.

We offer a few tips to look out for when selecting your overseas college.

1) Research Your College Grades

Some colleges are better than others and that can change dramatically across the prospectus, while they maybe A rated in one area they could easily fail in another.  If possible speak to the person who will teach you and see if you like them.  No point in going to a college where the teaching staff are not what you were hoping for

2) Cost

Colleges vary in price a great deal and you pay for what you get in most cases but do not over pay.  Don't just look at the cost of the course but f accommodation in the local area, transportation costs, food and other factors as some areas are more expensive than others to live in.  The education can be the same by you end up paying more for the location.

3) Long term plan

Be sure you can stay in the country if you wish after your studies.  In the UK this would be a no in most cases while in Canada it would be a big yes.  If you look at Regina in Canada right now they are offering students a $20,000 tax rebate if they decide to remain and work there after they graduate.  It is important you select a college based on your long-term plans.

If you have a college in mind and would like an unbiased review by our experts let us know where you would like to study and what course.



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