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International Recruitment Review

This is most difficult area to explain in a simple web page as it is so diverse and has so many pitfalls people fall victim to everyday. We aim to provide some top tips to help you start to think about international recruitment in a different way to protect you from some of the traps.

1) Never Pay For Recruitment

A fee can be presented as an admin charge or CV preparation or other legitimate expense but you should never pay for these service to a company who is offering to find you work overseas. This is illegal in many places but unfortunately, it is still practised widely and these companies once they have your money are under no obligation to find you a job.

2) Too Good To Be True

The biggest scam at the moment is companies offering an amazing job offer overseas which are simply too good to miss.  The problem is there is no job and they will ask for a payment upfront to cover visa fees, pay for a uniform, etc.

They also use trusted brand names as the employer or immigration agent.  They have even used Global Visas name in their letter and we have notified the Police who seem powerless to stop them.  If you are offered an amazing jb overseas for payment upfront be mindful of this scam.

3) Why Take The Risk Of Employing A Foreigner

This is a genuine question and often employers who need to employ overseas workers are unable to secure local staff because they have a terrible reputation for the treatment of their staff.  Check out the employer and the recruitment agency carefully before accepting the post. 

A good rule to remember is that each government lists the skills in demand and if they are offering a job not on the skills shortage list ask the question why.  It is a commercial risk to hire a person not even in the country and there must be a reason for that.

4) Never surrender your Passport

No matter what is said or done, never give up your Passport even if that means getting fired.  To surrender your  Passport is like giving up your freedom papers and without your passport you have no means to get home and your embassy will struggle to come to your aid if you need their help.

The minute someone suggests handing over your Passport other than an officer of the law walk away.  Even if it's your hotel who wants to keep it in the safe for you.  It is your passport, keep it safe.

5) Workers rights

If you work overseas in 99% of the countries we assist with you will be afforded the protection of the law and that means the employer must treat you equally to a local member of staff and pay you equally.  If an agent or employer wants to withhold a percentage of your salary you should object.

This is easier said than done when away from home so we suggest you never travel unless you have seen the employment terms and you are happy with everything without it costing you money.

If you have an employer or recruitment agency you would like us to review, our experts would be happy to help.

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