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Selecting Your Immigration Agent

 There are thousands of immigration agents and lawyers across the globe. There are a few things you should do before you pay for immigration services if you believe you case warrants the extra care a professional, paid immigration law expert can bring to your case or if you are cash rich and time poor so would prefer someone else completed your case for you.

Our Top Tips To Select An Immigration Service


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1) Immigration Qualifications

Check your agents is qualified in immigration law.  It is important they are both qualified and licenced but also have experience in your type of case. Some immigration experts only deal with certain types of cases, while some lawyers do not handle enough immigration cases to be proficient.
To Check if your agent is qualified to check with their governing body.  Immigration agents in certain countries are not regulated and that makes word of mouth more important.

2) Price

Ensure you are going to pay a fair price.  Most reputable firms will provide terms of service with a fixed fee prior to engagement.  Even law firms should be able to set a fixed price.  Avoid using a firm who are unclear about the cost of their service. 

3) Financial Strength

It is so easy in most counties to check a companies records to ensure they have strong accounts online.  The last thing you would want is to pay a company for an expensive visa only for them to close before your visa has been approved.  All companies who accept your government fees or third party costs will be required to hold a client account where your funds are protected from harm and the company can not spend your cash on other items.

4) Reputation

The internet it full of review sites.  In fact, google positively support reviews and offer their own grading service.  The only issue with these is that they are written by clients and in immigration, some cases will be refused as that is the nature of the law.

These people can often be the most vocal and will attack a brand, the truth is, however, they could have received an excellent service but due to the fact they have a high volume, it seems like they have a high number of complaints.  We know several great companies with negative reviews.  When looking for a company based on reputation - ask an expert like us or the governing body if they have any outstanding issues. 

5) Location

If you are based in one country and your agent is based in another this can cause issues.  Sometimes clients want to have a consultant in their destination country.  This is particularly important to businesses as the HR team in the host country are often the team responsible for securing the visa.  There is a 

There is an argument, however, to have a local consultant if you can find one in your country.  As things go online more and more we have found time zones still cause issues. We would warn against using agents in certain countries with little regulation as our offices across Asia and Africa often report scams which are always best avoided.

6) Speak to the qualified person

Some firms hire commission driven sales people who will often say almost anything to make a sale. Even if the company asks a salesperson to be transparent with clients they often forget to highlight the risks, alongside the benefits.  Only a qualified person should invite you as their client and do not trust salespeople.  It is an important point, simply ask if the person you are speaking to will be the person who will work on your case and what are their qualifications.

For more advice about an Immigration Agent you know post your comments here and will review them.


  1. Bilal Malik

    Phillippines Visitor Visa

    If I wanted to visit Boracay or another cheap island or country can you suggest how would I go through the visa process?

    I would like to go with my wife to have some chill out time, but I’m too confuse how to secure a visa for a specific place?

    1. Profile photo of Your Immigration Expert
      Your Immigration Expert Post author

      Tourist Visa For The Phillippines

      Boracay is a wonderful place to visit, I love the beach there. I would suggest for help with all tourist visas a person should first speak to their travel agent as they will assist you. In fact, there is a policy in most countries called “carrier liability” which means an airline is fined every time they allow a passenger to travel without the correct visa, so it is in their interest to assist in securing your tourist visa if required. Enjoy your holidays.

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