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 If you would like to secure a work permit for the UK as a candidate or as an employer you will need to ensure your employer has a PBS licence to employ overseas nationals who are non-EU nationals. If you would like to secure a licence or a Tier 2 visa but have questions prior to lodge your case we can help you. Our service is completely free of charge and we have assisted many of the world's largest companies to secure UK work permits since 1996. Simply ask your questions here and our experts will provide a fast complete response. Click here...

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UK Certificates Of Sponsorship

The Points Based System (PBS) requires all non-EEA nationals coming to the UK to work or study to have a sponsor. If you want to be a sponsor, you will need a licence from UK Border Agency before you can begin bringing people from outside Europe to work for you.

UK Work Permits Certificate of Sponsorship

We have been helping UK employers fill their labour needs with international candidates since 1996, and have even developed tailor-made International Employment Preparation Services to help both candidates and employers smooth the transition between countries and ensure that every aspect of their paperwork has been filled and submitted correctly. We all know that delays in recruitment can be costly and ultimately be damaging to a business, so get in touch now and find out how we can help you recruit from the world’s best.

Do Candidates Only Need a Certificate of Sponsorship to Work for Me?

In short, no. Certificates of Sponsorship only prove that you are eligible to sponsor the candidate and that you have done so. If you are hiring a skilled worker under a Tier 2 Visa, they will need to fulfil all of the other requirements as well and provide enough evidence to be allowed to come and work for you in the UK.

However, this does contribute to the PBS process and your candidate can gain 30 points in their assessment as a result of your Certificate of Sponsorship.

How Many Certificates Can I Have?

 The UK immigration authorities allocate Certificates of Sponsorship based on need, company type and history, and a number of other factors. As part of the application process, you will need to estimate the number of certificates that you will need over the next year, and provide a justification for them. Unused certificates are considered at the end of the year, and you may not be allowed to let them roll over to the next year.

You will need to provide an estimate for the Certificates of Sponsorship you need under every Tier, category, and sub-category. This should not include the existing people you employ who are asking for extensions to stay in the UK to continue to work for you. If you are unsure, will walk through your requirements and ensure that they are properly assigned completely free of charge.

When considering the number of Certificates of Sponsorship to allow your company, the UK Immigration authorities will consider your companies previous record of sponsoring skilled workers, the type of business conducted, the extent or size of the business, and how long the business has been trading.

As a start-up or if the company has a history of not complying with rules on Certificates of Sponsorship, you may not receive your full number of requested certificates.

What Information Does A Company Require For Certificates of Sponsorship?

This depends on which Tier and category your certificate are for. When your candidate is submitting their information, they will need to state why you have supplied it. Reasons include:

  • The salary for the job has a salary of over £150,000
  • The job is on the shortage occupation list
  • They are moving into post-study work
  • You have completed a resident labour market test
  • Your candidate is already in the UK under a Tier 2 visa and is applying to extend their stay for the same job

As we provide a solution for both candidates and employers, we will work through each side of the process and ensure that your application moves through swiftly with no unnecessary delays.

Can A Company Have Certificates of Sponsorship Reduced or Refused?

If you have not used all of your certificates at the end of the year, they will be removed from your account.

Your certificate limit may be reduced if your circumstances change or if UK Immigration believes that you pose a threat to immigration control. Factors that could lead to your limit being reduced are the company downsizing, or because the UK Immigration authorities had to take action against the company as a sponsor in the past.

If the company has a history of non-compliance and certificate numbers being reduced, it's essential that you tell us in your question, so that our experts can help you counter any claims against your company and ensure that you have the best chance of getting the numbers you need to continue trading and growing as a business. 

There are five main UK Immigration Visa categories you can apply under:

Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5

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  1. Bhavana


    If I got a job in the UK as an RN nurse can I bring my family? I have 1yr kid and my husband. Which exam should he pass as my dependent?

    1. Profile photo of Your Immigration Expert
      Your Immigration Expert Post author


      There are a number of questions raised by your comment. Firstly, securing a job in the UK can be harder than you might think. If you do secure an employer willing and able to offer a tier 2 visa your family will be able to join you and your employer should be able to explain everything to you.

  2. mohit yadav

    How Can I Secure A Tier 2 Visa?

    I have Masters in Global Business Management. I studied in France and also did an internship there. I want to know the process for getting a work visa for the UK.

    1. Profile photo of Your Immigration Expert
      Your Immigration Expert Post author

      Complex Requirements To Secure A UK Tier 2 Visa

      There is simply no easy answer to your question and while to sounds straightforward it certainly is not. If you want to secure a UK Tier 2 Visa you would first require a job offer from a UK business who has a position available which would qualify for a Tier 2 Viss, these are few and far between.

      There are several barriers in place which are designed to discourage or prevent UK businesses hiring overseas skills. Even if they wanted to hire you they may not be able to make the offer of employment. Another option is if you worked for a company for over a year and they decided to send you to the UK on a secondment on an Intra company transfer, again these roles are hard to find as far from guaranteed.

      Post-Brexit the UK will be able to limit the number of E.U workers entering the UK often in low skilled roles and increase the number of work visas available for highly skilled workers from non-E.U countries. This may offer a little hope for the future.

  3. Thuwaiba

    Verifying A UK Job Offer For A Tier 2 Visa

    Hello madam,
    I have a question regarding a UK Tier 2 job offer, I received a job offer in the UK as a housework and the sponsor sent me an email to answer some questions and to reply to the email address global I would like to know if this website is legitimate and the job offer is genuine. These day’s there is a number of unscrupulous online offers. Please, help me, I hope you will respond soon.

    1. Profile photo of Your Immigration Expert
      Your Immigration Expert Post author

      Confirming Your Tier 2 Employers Has A Licence To Hire You

      In the UK all employers need a licence to employ an overseas national before a visa would be issued. The employer must take various undertakings and be regularly audited by the UK Immigration Authorities. Due to the compliance requirements, it is unlikely a legitimate sponsor would attempt to hire a housekeeper from overseas as the minimum skills requirement and salary would not be met by the position of housekeeper.

      In the answer about endorsing a UK Sponsor, I provided a link to all UK companies who currently hold a sponsorship licence to employ tier 2 visa holders.

      It is also an offence to charge a person for work in the UK. So if the company are asking for money I would stay way from them.

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