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As a general point of interest being immigration geeks, we want to share with you some of the things we hope you might find interesting about Immigration. You may think immigration control is simply completing an application form, submitting some documents and hoping for the best. I am going to change your view of how it works and why countries impose immigration control. I hope our interesting will make you think again (or maybe not!):

Incredible Immigration Facts we found interesting

  • The world's first Immigration Control started in 1905, by the UK - By the outbreak of world war 2 border control in the UK was in full flow and stop German spies entering the UK undetected. By the outbreak of the Second World War the UK immigration controls were so good they were able to detect every spy Germany sent across.
  • In every country, Immigration Control is paid for by the Intelligence Services. It is a great way for security services to track people's movement. As ports of entry are natural pinch points where they can collect loads of intelligence about people.
  • Early immigrants to the USA and other countries were subject to physical inspection to determine their ability to work hard. In old Immigration files comments about a person's teeth, strength, their level of intelligence are all noted. By today's standards, these notes would be deemed as racist, sexist and completely unacceptable. Especially as the Immigration Officer making such judgements were wholly unqualified to do so and often spent less than 10 mins with a person.
  • Heathrow Airport has the most cameras per square meter than anywhere on earth!
  • It is a crime to send your passport overseas without you. Never travel with another person Passport or they could get in trouble, or post yours overseas if you do you may have some explaining awaiting you.
  • The world's first recorded Passports were made of clay, in the shape of a face, the size of your hand, worn on your upper arm and brightly coloured. They allowed tribal hunters in Africa to enter other tribal lands while hunting game.
  • An airline is fined $10,000+ when they carry a person without the correct visa and Passport, who is stopped by an Immigration Officer. This is called Carriers Liability.
  • Spies often work in foreign countries claiming to be Entry Clearance Officers attached to the Consular Services team. When they received an application for a visa from a person they suspected of being up to no good, they would approve the visa and signal the passport with a non-descript mark, which other Immigration and Intelligence Officers would see and understand. Even today, some people have a mark placed against their name.
  • Governments now hold over 60% of the population's fingerprints. Bilateral agreements mean governments will soon be sharing this information for criminal issues as well as matters of national security, which currently done on a regular basis.


  • The most common reason for refusal a visa is "INTENTIONS!" that means a person intention is to remain beyond the length of their visa. So, sometimes it is better to ask to remain permanently! On a serious note, this is an almost impossible refusal to appeal against or defend as the Immigration Officer is making an assumption about what you are thinking. As the law is a personal liability it means you are guilty until proven innocent and as you can not prove your thoughts via independent evidence the case breaks down.
  • A Person does not have enough funds to support themselves and could become a burden on the public purse and would be vulnerable. While each country is supposed to help their citizens when they are overseas there is little evidence of this for many nationalities and the emphasis for support falls back on the host country. Some Countries like India will not even allow the person to be deported back to India once they are free of the social and financial burden.
  • A person is not a genuine student and is using the student visa as a way to enter the country and does not intend to study or return home. In many countries like Australia and Canada, a student is able to remain indefinitely on completion of their studies, assuming they can secure an employer. However, on arrival, a student must intend on leaving the country. This is a simple way for Immigration Officers to refuse any student visa without too much explanation required.
  • The marriage or relationship is not genuine or entered into for the primary purpose of securing a visa. That is why marriage, de-facto and similar visas all have a probationary period before residency is granted. This was an entire industry for many years and there have even been Hollywood movies made the subject. Today immigration control scrutinise every case. This means many genuine couples struggle to live together in the country of their choice. This is the most unjust of all immigration laws in my opinion.
  • A person has a criminal record or illness that would not be conducive to the public good and may place people at risk or the person would be a burden on the public purse. Often people forget to declare their criminal past but immigration control in several countries can find out. Once a person crosses an international border they become the subject of national security and as such an international criminal records check can be requested. In countries like the USA checks of all passengers are conducted while a flight is inbound, so when it lands they know if any passengers need closer inspection.
  • A person has links (knowingly or often unknowingly) with terrorists or organised international criminal gangs. The idea of not knowing if a friend or family member is a terrorist or international criminal is hard to believe, but this is often the case. Like spies these organisations require their members to remain secretive about their involvement and it is beneficial to the individual not to share their secret even with their closest and dearest. You may not know but immigration control just might.


  • Ensure people entering the country are going to be conducive to the Public Good. So They will check your background whenever they can. This happens more and more and people are refused entry on arrival.
  • People are conducive to the economy. You will need to bring and intend to spend money or have skills in demand they can not secure locally.
  • Protecting the public purse. If there is any risk a person will need medical or financial support by they will be refused.
  • A person's ideological ideals are similar to those of the host country. As the World becomes more nationalist and less acceptant of other cultures this is becoming a more important test, just look at the Trump ban of 2017. This is not new but on the rise after years of a more open doors approach. It is your passport that you will be judged on as much as who you are.


  • USA
  • Australia
  • UK
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Japan
  • China
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • UAE
  • North Korea

Yes, Immigration controls in some of our favourite countries are on the same list as North Korea. Well, at least they have something in common. I doubt we could get them all it a room for the awards ceremony though so maybe we will just post their trophies to them.


When a country writes their immigration legislation they leave a great deal of play in the wording with terms like "may", "Could" or "when" which means if the government, economic conditions or other changes occur they can react quickly in opening or closing their borders. This is often used or abused by new governments who may have been elected as the "tough on Immigration" right wing party or as the party elected on a more liberal manifesto. Whichever their political position they can impose their will on the immigration controls quickly and easily by simply changing the definitions of the ambiguous terms peppered throughout the immigration law. This removes the requirement to have the new immigration policy to be debated and voted on.


Immigration throughout history has been a sore subject for many years. In fact, the fire of London in 1666 was blamed on Dutch migrants living in London and the King had to protect them. In modern times people suggest it is racism that drives the fear or hatred of immigration by many but, in our experience, this is not the case and simply an abusive, overused term which is not the case. People are by nature tribal, we all put our family first, then our town and the local community, followed by a national flag, a religion or other allegiances. All these things take president in our individual world over the needs of a stranger who has no relationships with any of the things we use to understand our world and make sense of our role within it.

While countries have always benefited from immigration in the medium to long term in the early years or the first generation of migrants there is always a period of upheaval as people are forced to re-adjust their views of their community and the world around them. This is not helped by the migrant's natural reaction to flock together into a sub-community bringing their culture with them and often a distrust of their new confusing home country.


On a personal level when you emigrate, embrace your new home. People will take a little time to warm to you but a smile and friendly gestures go an awful long way and soon you will be an accepted member of the local community. Pick up a local name you like and use it as your nickname. It shows people you want to belong and they will find that endearing and probably easier to spell!


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