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While the world gets smaller via the internet, international travel and even the shared use of the English language across the globe, Immigration laws are becoming more restrictive and living life as an expat is now more challenging in several ways than even before.

While Immigration authorities are outsourcing their help centres and insist on calling all potential visa applicants and migrants “clients” the truth could not be more different. Immigration control is a personal liability law, which means an applicant is “guilty until they can prove their innocence.” to make matters worse ALL visa applicants by its very nature is taking on a foreign government, using an unfamiliar legal system.

Global Visas are here to balance the books and allows people to share, overcome and ask. We are on the side of anyone who wants to secure a visa, emigrate or is living in a different country from the one they were born in.

If you are looking for help or if you are a company able to help our members please feel free to join us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Global Visas and hope you enjoy your time as part of our global migrant community.


  1. Seth


    I’m a student that will be attending a study tour program in China this summer (May 28-June 9) and need help attaining a Visa. I’ve seen a few sites online but don’t really know if I can trust them or not. I also know the closest consulate is in Chicago (I live in Minneapolis MN) and would like to use a mail in service so I don’t have to travel out of state.
    Any info would be very much appreciated!

    -Seth D Frand

  2. christa fischer walker

    I am a US citizen with a Namibian son (age 1). We are going on a cruise to Mexico, Belize, and Honduras. It seems he does not need a visa for Mexico or Belize. He has a B1 Multiple entry visa for the US. I can not find information on the Honduras embassy website. Can you advise?
    Thank you

  3. Willi Gobina

    I’m need some information about moving to Canada, could you please get to me via this number I’ll be very happy.


  4. Masleen Gandanzara

    Hi global visas team

    I need to know the charges for the process to migrate to Canada. I have done part of the process, that is evaluation of qualifications.

  5. Mary Zothanchami

    My name is Mary from India. I have registered and paid the full fees to your company i.e Globalvisas 3/4 years back but i did not get any successful outcome. And i have not been told the progress of any kind. I tried to call up the numbers that i have many times, but not successful.
    The reason why i am writing today is that is there anything that could be done for me to get the working visa for Canada or Australia?
    I have worked in UK for 6-7 years(between 2007-2013) and now I am in India working as an English Teacher ( I Graduate In English with Honours in English)


    i have budget of rs. 1.50 lakhs only. i want to apply for work visa for country where i can earn decent income as compare to india. can you please let me know which country is best for me. as i am a private working IT professional having 1 and half year diploma and 5 yrs. of exp in IT Sector.

  7. Michelle VB

    Hi there,
    I am a Canadian citizen going to South Africa/Swaziland/Lesotho for leisure for a total of 3 weeks, do I require any Visas or Yellow Fever vaccination proof?

  8. Mohammad Shaikhji

    I am 78 with dual nationality of America and Pakistan. I was born in India.
    My question is ” Can I live in India as retiree if I give up my Pakistani nationality.”

  9. Farah

    Im An expat living in UAE, fiance is a uk citizine working in Switzerland.
    We are planning to register our marriage in uk.
    Could you please provide information regarding visa and registration process.
    As far as i am aware i have to apply for a fiance visa and once arrived in uk after 7 days i can give notice of marriage for 28 days minimum prior to the marriage in person .
    I currently work in UAE and wont be able to stay in uk for that long.

  10. Alay Mehta

    i was in dubai for 7 years I have paid 14000 AED for denmark Immigration my case ID is 2158602 through IPvisas branch of global visa . Now the website is not working and i have heard that the owner ran away and office is closed. what i should further. kindly guide me for the same

  11. CHRIS

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  12. Tony Wright

    Hi, hope you can help me please.
    I have previous lived in USA and had a Green Card but no longer do so as I left to live in UK many years ago, 20+.
    I am now going through final stage of applying for permanet residency in USA which was files by my sister who is a citizen and reside in USA.
    During final interview in London I was given form i-407 Abandonment of Lawful Resident Status form to which I am was told first had be filled out and submitted. I am uncertain how to aswer question 11.a, 11.b + 11.c correctly? I no longer have the Green card and I really do not want to mess this up so any help to get this section filled in correctly would be much appreciated.

  13. Malek saleh

    Im saudi arabian citizen I will go cruise in Europ and I have Shenegan visa.
    the ship stops in Southampton, UK from 8 am to 8 pm do I need visa for this 10 hours in UK ?

  14. Brit

    Hi, what does a minor (17yr) New Zealander travelling alone require to present to be allowed entry to Canada (Montreal)? Is ETA enough or does it need extra documentation? Thank you