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  1. Basilia Del Rosario Dadizon

    Family Sponsorship Visa

    I wish to apply for immigration to Canada under Family Sponsorship. I have my sister in Ontario, Canada. She married to a Canadian citizen born in Canada. She has lived more than 20 years in Canada at this stage. Do I need to pay upon applying for immigration to Canada?

    1. Admin Here To Help Post author


      Canada Immigration prides itself on their range of family class visas to allow Canadian residents to invite their family to join them. On a federal level, this is however limited to a partner or child in the main, which in my opinion is not enough.

      Then there a Provincial Nomination Family Sponsorship Visas in agreement with the federal government, each province under this agreement a province can nominate family members to join their residence family members to join them in Canada. In some provinces, this can even extend to distant family members including cousins. The issue is that your sister is based in Ontario, which does not have such a provision at this time.

      On the question of fees, we do not charge for our advice but you would need to pay for a visa to enter Canada unless you are a non-visa national entering as a tourist or transiting through the country. I would like to see more effort being made to allow families to be united, however, I doubt that situation will improve anytime soon.

  2. Noorulhaq

    Can I Sponsor My Gown Up Child To Come To Canada?

    A Few years ago a woman went to Canada along with her family as immigrants now she is residing in Toronto the issue is that one of her daughters delayed her immigration process due to her marriage and now as she has a family with 3 kids. The family now wishes to emigrate to Canada. She would like to restart her delayed immigration process, so is it possible if her mother can sponsor her daughter and her family to come to Canada?

  3. Jennifer Paquet

    How Long Can A Resident Leave Quebec And Retain Their Residency Visa?

    This is an unusual question, I am sure. I am a UK citizen, married to a Canadian citizen for 30 years. We are both permanent residents of Quebec. I have a Permanent Resident card.
    I would like to spend more time in the UK and less time in Quebec. Quebec allows absences of up to 21 days out of the Province and these do not count.
    Of the 6 months a year I need to be in Quebec, could I travel back to the UK frequently (for periods of under 21 days) and not be stopped at Immigration in Montreal?
    Is there some sort of special visa needed for this?

    Complicated I know, would appreciate an opinion. Many thanks.

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