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  1. nazish khisro


    Hope you will be’s me Nazish from Saudi Arab I want to work and live in Canada.I did graduation.I did teaching in school.and I had a job in the Lower Court as a junior clerk and I started my LLB in Pakistan. I completed my 1st-year exam then I got married and stopped my LLB left in the 2nd year f the course. I am now in Saudi Arabia with my husband, I think you may know in KSA are no job available for foreign women. my elder sister also lives in Canada.

    1. Admin Here To Help Post author


      Your efforts to date are great but, it is a shame you have not completed your LLB. Holding a degree you would leave you well placed for Canadian immigration, under the express entry scheme, assuming you are not too old and have a good command of English. Have you looked at the express entry route?

      One thing I would like to mention is the place where you graduated as this may affect the outcome of your visa, if you graduated in Pakistan the Canadian assessing body may suggest the degree is only equivalent to a diploma level qualification. The other concern I have is that you never mentioned your husband’s profession, yet you are both in KSA and you’re not working, so I assume he has some skills which may also be very helpful.

      So first steps, check your points in the express entry system, if you want to start a case please join our forum and open a topic so I can help you further.

  2. ada


    My husband and I are thinking about immigrating to Canada. He is a U.S citizen and I am a permanent residence. My husband is self-empolyed last 20 years as professional investor. He wants to be a self-employed in Canada too and don’t want to find a job in Canada. what kind of immigration program that we are eligible? skilled worker? or others? thanks!

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