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    1. Admin Here To Help Post author

      Working In Canada

      There are various visas which will allow you work in Canada. The first is as a skilled worker under the Express Entry scheme. If a person is able to secure enough points based on your age, qualifications and experience along with your English language ability and other criteria you could be invited to emigrate.

      Another popular option is to go on a student visa which will allow you to work 20 hours a week while studying and once you complete your studies you can stay on in Canada to work full time. The time allow depends on your course. Often a student visa leads to permanent residency and the Canadian Immigration authorities have now made it easier to enter as a student and remain permanently.

      Finally, you could secure a job offer and the employer could secure an LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment to show they need you and can not hire a resident in Canada. This again can lead to residency.

      If you would like more advice on securing a visa please open a topic in our forum.

  1. Tovin Rami

    Express Entry

    I am Looking for Canada migration through Express Entry. I have to urgently relocate to Canada and need some assistance. Can I get some information regarding the entire fee structure and rest of the procedures. It’s my dream country.

    1. Your Immigration Expert Post author

      Canadian Express Entry

      Securing a Visa as a skilled worker to enter Canada under the Express Entry System is often less than fast or easy. Actually, I would suggest if you are outside Canada at the time of applying you may want to look at alternative ways to enter Canada with a view to securing permanent residency over time.

      I am not saying this to put you off and Canada currently are accepting record numbers to emigrate under the Express Entry programme but it still remains a complex visa application. Your comment has inspired me to write a new page on our site addressing the question of Express Entry to Canada and I hope you find it helpful and I also hope you qualify to apply. If you would like further assistance with your application, just ask.

    2. Your Immigration Expert Post author

      Express Entry Requirements

      To Emigrate to Canada under the Express Entry system you need to first meet their immigration criteria. You can do this as a skilled worker, an investor or a student. Please check out our page on Express Entry page for more information on the ways you can secure your visa. The timescale will depend on several factors but none of them are fast. A student visa is the quickest visa to process but this may not be your preferred choice of visa.

  2. Chirag Soni

    Hi Team,

    I am a Stress Engineer(aerospace) and would like to migrate to Canada. Can you let me know the fees structure and procedure? Thanks!

  3. Lorena T. Martinez

    What about if I had my trade certificate from Accredited School of TESDA (Technical Education & Skill Development Authority) as a Welder & Related Machine Operator; is it demand in Canada even though I came from a TESDA trade School.

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