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Emigrating To Canada

There are several ways to get started if you are thinking of emigrating to Canada, the most popular route are as a skilled worker or a student. To be eligible to enter Canada as a skilled worker you must score 67 points to be able to apply for a visa and enter the pool for Express Entry.

As a student, you simply need to enrol on a course in Canada. While you are a student you can work part time and once you finish your studies you can go on to find an employer to remain in Canada. It is important to note, however, your intention on arrival as a student must be to leave Canada at the end of your studies and only once you are in Canada can you decide to remain permanently.

Canada Immigration Express Entry

Some people see Canada Immigration Express Entry as a visa class but it not a visa. This is the system which Canada uses to manage a variety of visas. A person applying for a skilled visa under Express Entry to Canada is required to secure 67 points which are allocated on age, qualifications, language ability, years of experience and your partner's credentials. Once you have achieved 67 you can submit your application. This is where it get's a little weird you are then judged by the Canadian comprehensive ranking system and are required to score upto1200 points or as high as possible. During the year the Canadian Immigration Authorities set a benchmark where they invite everyone over a set number of points to apply for a visa. This pass mark varies every time they hold a selection.

This does not lead to a very clear process where many applicants are never certain if they qualify or not until they are selected, or not as the case maybe. The system also awards points for trades skills yet Canada does not appear to have any satisfactory way of assessing a trade workers skills as they are only able to assess academic qualifications.

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How To Emigrate To Canada Without a Job Offer

Most people who emigrate to Canada do not have a job offer. Many secure the necessary points to enter the pool and eventually be selected of a skilled worker visa. Others apply to enter Canada as a student or rely on family links in Canada.

In our experience entering Canada as a student is a great way to secure a visa and one of the most effective ways to remain in Canada and become a permanent resident. There are literally hundreds of Universities and colleges across Canada for you chose from. In some provinces, graduates can receive up to a $20,000 tax rebate if they agree to live in the province. Showing how much Canada values international students.

Canada Immigration Permanent Resident

Many of the visa classes people use to enter Canada from the international experience class visas, student visas to the skilled migration route under express entry allows a person to go on to be a permanent resident in Canada. While Canada Immigration is often seen as awkward and many complain about the clunky application process the fact remains it is open to immigrants and if a person is determined to emigrate to Canada there is often a way to do so.

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