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  1. Heidi Pap

    Do I apply for a Spouse Visa Before Or After I Enter South Africa?

    We will be married for 5 years in December 2017 and want to know the following. Do we need to do the visa application for a permanent spouse permit for South Africa in The Netherlands or can we do it in South Africa after we arrive because we woud like to relocate to S.A. at the end of this year.

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Entering South Africa On A Spouse Visa

      To do things properly you will need to apply for a marriage visa prior to entering South Africa. Due to the length of time, you have been married and assuming you have funds to support yourselves there should be no issues with having this approved within the timeframe you are hoping to emigrate within.

      The South African Consulate in the Netherlands would be able to assist in preparing your case.

      We are here if you need further advice and please share us on social media and become a member for regular updates.

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