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  1. Hector

    Do I Need A Work Visa

    My Spanish company is going to move me to India during next two years to do some quality services in Indian suppliers. Inspection and development activities mainly.

    I would like to know what formalities and documents I need to be legally there. I am not sure if with my current business visa is enough or not, because I will spend more than 180 days there. Also about taxation, if I have to do it in India or not. My intention is to keep my current contract with a Spanish company, but I don’t know if is possible or not.
    Please, any suggestion will welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Your Immigration Expert


      In short, you will need a work visa if you are intending to remain in India for a longer period. That said Indian Immigration moves at a pace and in two years there is a high probability the law would have moved on. I recommend you check back closer to the time to see how things are at that point.
      If you are travelling in and out you may not need a working visa if you are simply auditing quality levels.

  2. Bilal Malik

    Phillippines Visitor Visa

    If I wanted to visit Boracay or another cheap island or country can you suggest how would I go through the visa process?

    I would like to go with my wife to have some chill out time, but I’m too confuse how to secure a visa for a specific place?

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Tourist Visa For The Phillippines

      Boracay is a wonderful place to visit, I love the beach there. I would suggest for help with all tourist visas a person should first speak to their travel agent as they will assist you. In fact, there is a policy in most countries called “carrier liability” which means an airline is fined every time they allow a passenger to travel without the correct visa, so it is in their interest to assist in securing your tourist visa if required. Enjoy your holidays.

  3. Patricia Syson

    Multiple Entry Indian Tourist Visas

    We are visiting India in March while on a cruise, we will be stopping at 4 ports of call so imagine we will need a multiple entry visa, can you advise me on which form to fill in and where I can find it online. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Indian Tourist Visa On a Cruise Ship

      As a tourist on a cruise, you can apply for a single entry visa if your cruise ship does not leave Indian waters between ports which I doubt it would. The best way to check is to speak to your cruise company who will provide information on your the Indian visa required.

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