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  1. Alita joyce p taguiam

    How to work in canada

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Working In Canada

      There are various visas which will allow you work in Canada. The first is as a skilled worker under the Express Entry scheme. If a person is able to secure enough points based on your age, qualifications and experience along with your English language ability and other criteria you could be invited to emigrate.

      Another popular option is to go on a student visa which will allow you to work 20 hours a week while studying and once you complete your studies you can stay on in Canada to work full time. The time allow depends on your course. Often a student visa leads to permanent residency and the Canadian Immigration authorities have now made it easier to enter as a student and remain permanently.

      Finally, you could secure a job offer and the employer could secure an LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment to show they need you and can not hire a resident in Canada. This again can lead to residency.

      If you would like more advice on securing a visa please open a topic in our forum.

  2. nazish khisro


    Hope you will be fine.it’s me Nazish from Saudi Arab I want to work and live in Canada.I did graduation.I did teaching in school.and I had a job in the Lower Court as a junior clerk and I started my LLB in Pakistan. I completed my 1st-year exam then I got married and stopped my LLB left in the 2nd year f the course. I am now in Saudi Arabia with my husband, I think you may know in KSA are no job available for foreign women. my elder sister also lives in Canada.

    1. Your Immigration Expert


      Your efforts to date are great but, it is a shame you have not completed your LLB. Holding a degree you would leave you well placed for Canadian immigration, under the express entry scheme, assuming you are not too old and have a good command of English. Have you looked at the express entry route?

      One thing I would like to mention is the place where you graduated as this may affect the outcome of your visa, if you graduated in Pakistan the Canadian assessing body may suggest the degree is only equivalent to a diploma level qualification. The other concern I have is that you never mentioned your husband’s profession, yet you are both in KSA and you’re not working, so I assume he has some skills which may also be very helpful.

      So first steps, check your points in the express entry system, if you want to start a case please join our forum and open a topic so I can help you further.

  3. ada


    My husband and I are thinking about immigrating to Canada. He is a U.S citizen and I am a permanent residence. My husband is self-empolyed last 20 years as professional investor. He wants to be a self-employed in Canada too and don’t want to find a job in Canada. what kind of immigration program that we are eligible? skilled worker? or others? thanks!

  4. Christine Javier

    IELTS Requirment For A Student Visa

    Good day, I’m Christine from the Philippines and just want to ask if you are also assisting future student to Private schools that doesn’t require an IELTS upon admission? You’re response would be a great help to us.

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      English Test Required To Be A Student In Canada

      Often in Canada, students will be expected to secure a 5.5 score in their IELTS to enrol in college. That said, you can enrol in an English course in Canada to secure te necessary grades to be able to go on to study a course in college. I know a number of great colleges I could recommend if you let me know what your planning to study and where.

  5. Gbolade Awolope

    International Experience Class Visas or Study Permit

    I just finished a two years diploma in Information and communication technology here in Cyprus and I will like to apply for holiday work visa in Canada but I have no work experience in IT as I just graduated, what are my chances?
    How do I apply or is there another type of visa I can apply for that will make get a work permit and allow me to work in Canada and gain work experience.

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      International Experience Class Visas

      An international experience class visa can only be issued to citizens of countries with an agreement in place. For this reason, you may not be eligible for this class of visa and there is only a limited number issued each year. I would suggest you look at studying in Canada as it would provide several benefits. You will need to enrol in a course like those in Durham College for undergraduate studies or like Regina University for postgraduate courses. In Regina for example, they offer up to a $20,000 tax rebate if decide to remain in Regina after you complete your studies to live and work.

      That means there is every incentive for a student who may want to make Canada their new home study there and go on to secure a working visa followed by permanent residency. While you are studying you can work for a minimum of 20 hours per week term time and full time during college holidays. All these factors combined and other benefits I have not listed make a student visa to Canada an attractive proposition for you.

      If you would like to apply for a college course in Canada I can assist securing a place in college and advice on your student visa application, if you are interested in further help please open a new topic in our questions section and this will allow us to have a space specifically for your questions.

  6. Basilia Del Rosario Dadizon

    Family Sponsorship Visa

    I wish to apply for immigration to Canada under Family Sponsorship. I have my sister in Ontario, Canada. She married to a Canadian citizen born in Canada. She has lived more than 20 years in Canada at this stage. Do I need to pay upon applying for immigration to Canada?

    1. Your Immigration Expert


      Canada Immigration prides itself on their range of family class visas to allow Canadian residents to invite their family to join them. On a federal level, this is however limited to a partner or child in the main, which in my opinion is not enough.

      Then there a Provincial Nomination Family Sponsorship Visas in agreement with the federal government, each province under this agreement a province can nominate family members to join their residence family members to join them in Canada. In some provinces, this can even extend to distant family members including cousins. The issue is that your sister is based in Ontario, which does not have such a provision at this time.

      On the question of fees, we do not charge for our advice but you would need to pay for a visa to enter Canada unless you are a non-visa national entering as a tourist or transiting through the country. I would like to see more effort being made to allow families to be united, however, I doubt that situation will improve anytime soon.

  7. Renznoah H.

    Age Limit For Student Visas

    Is there an age limit to secure a student visa, an immigration consultant has told me that the age limit for a student visa in Canada is 47 years old, is it true?

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Canadian Student Visas Age Limit

      There is no age limit for Canadian Study Permits. However, The older you are the more your visa application is scrutinised as the Canadian immigration authorities need to be certain you will be returning to your country of origin at the end of your studies, even though many people who enter as students go on to remain indefinitely. If you are going to study in Canada it would be a good idea to follow your profession and build on your skills. This shows a career progression and reason to study in Canada, rather than simply use the student visa a way to enter.

  8. Tovin Rami

    Express Entry

    I am Looking for Canada migration through Express Entry. I have to urgently relocate to Canada and need some assistance. Can I get some information regarding the entire fee structure and rest of the procedures. It’s my dream country.

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Canadian Express Entry

      Securing a Visa as a skilled worker to enter Canada under the Express Entry System is often less than fast or easy. Actually, I would suggest if you are outside Canada at the time of applying you may want to look at alternative ways to enter Canada with a view to securing permanent residency over time.

      I am not saying this to put you off and Canada currently are accepting record numbers to emigrate under the Express Entry programme but it still remains a complex visa application. Your comment has inspired me to write a new page on our site addressing the question of Express Entry to Canada and I hope you find it helpful and I also hope you qualify to apply. If you would like further assistance with your application, just ask.

    2. Your Immigration Expert

      Express Entry Requirements

      To Emigrate to Canada under the Express Entry system you need to first meet their immigration criteria. You can do this as a skilled worker, an investor or a student. Please check out our page on Express Entry page for more information on the ways you can secure your visa. The timescale will depend on several factors but none of them are fast. A student visa is the quickest visa to process but this may not be your preferred choice of visa.

  9. Francis FOLI

    I want to school and work in Canada

    I am hoping to apply for a student permit in Canada to re-read my M.phil in French and work in Canada. I currently teach the French language in a Senior High Schools.
    I hold both M.phil and B.ed French degrees fro the University of Education, Winneba.
    I am married and have a small girl of 12 years of age. I need your help.

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      School and study in Canada


      I am not sure exactly what help you would require, first select a college and I suggest you look at Quebec as they speak French and then apply for a course. The course will need to be a Masters or above to show you are progressing in your studies, but even then the risk sits with your intention to return home after your studies. In my experience of recent cases, I fear there is a 50/50 chance of success at best. You will really need some strong links to your home country to show you are not using a student visa to enter Canada with no intention of leaving.

      This is a terrible rule, as people once in Canada can go on to secure permanent residency from a study permit but it is an issue and in your case my main concern. When you speak to your University in Canada raise this with them and see if they can offer some solutions. Many say do a two or three-year course but this may not work. Please let me know how it goes or if you would like specific help on a particular issue.

  10. Noorulhaq

    Can I Sponsor My Gown Up Child To Come To Canada?

    A Few years ago a woman went to Canada along with her family as immigrants now she is residing in Toronto the issue is that one of her daughters delayed her immigration process due to her marriage and now as she has a family with 3 kids. The family now wishes to emigrate to Canada. She would like to restart her delayed immigration process, so is it possible if her mother can sponsor her daughter and her family to come to Canada?

  11. Jennifer Paquet

    How Long Can A Resident Leave Quebec And Retain Their Residency Visa?

    This is an unusual question, I am sure. I am a UK citizen, married to a Canadian citizen for 30 years. We are both permanent residents of Quebec. I have a Permanent Resident card.
    I would like to spend more time in the UK and less time in Quebec. Quebec allows absences of up to 21 days out of the Province and these do not count.
    Of the 6 months a year I need to be in Quebec, could I travel back to the UK frequently (for periods of under 21 days) and not be stopped at Immigration in Montreal?
    Is there some sort of special visa needed for this?

    Complicated I know, would appreciate an opinion. Many thanks.

  12. Chirag Soni

    Hi Team,

    I am a Stress Engineer(aerospace) and would like to migrate to Canada. Can you let me know the fees structure and procedure? Thanks!

  13. Lorena T. Martinez

    What about if I had my trade certificate from Accredited School of TESDA (Technical Education & Skill Development Authority) as a Welder & Related Machine Operator; is it demand in Canada even though I came from a TESDA trade School.



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