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  1. Usman Saleem

    Graduate Employment Visas

    I recently completed my graduation and now I want to immigrate to Australia. Is there any way or a couple of ways that will help me?

    1. Your Immigration Expert


      You have provided extremely limited information about your situation. That said there would be a couple of options especially if you graduated in engineering or area in high demand. You could alternately look to finish your post grad studies in Australia. As a rule of thumb to secure a work visa, your skills will need to be on the shortage occupation list and for you to have 3 years experience.

      I hope this is a starting point for you. Join our forum and keep in touch.

  2. Adebayo Olalekan Kabir


    I am presently working in Dubai as a chef, I want to move to Canada or Australia, how can you help me?

    1. Your Immigration Expert


      The question is a good one. First of all, let us address Canada, the best way would be to apply to a fast-food chain like McDonald’s, in a place like Whitehorse as they can often secure work permits for people with experience as securing a skilled visa can be difficult.

      To aim for Australia as a Chef is a better choice as there is a shortage of these skills and visas like the 189 and 190 visa are available for your skills in Oz. You will need to secure 60 points in their immigration test. These points are awarded for age, years of experience, qualification and English language ability.

      See the link to the official Australian Goernemnt points test calculator here https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/189-

      The main challenge is securing a positive skills assessment. Unless you are a head Chef or have qualifications and several years of experience be careful as you do not want to pay for a skills assessment only to have your skills downgrade to a cook which is not on the shortage skills list and therefore would not qualify for a visa. Once you have assessed yourself against the points calculator and you believe you would qualify we would be happy to assist you.

      For more advice please join our community and open a new topic for your case in our forum so we can manage your case step by step and allow other users to see and learn from your questions and our replies.

  3. Joshua Turple

    Canadian Working In Australia

    I’d liked to talk to someone about requiring an Australian work visa, I am a canadian

  4. Chris Kiatipis


    I am a Canadian citizen looking to immigrate to Australia. The first visa I attained to gain access to the country was a Student Working Visa which allowed me to stay in the country for 1.5 years. I then left for a month and returned with a 1 year Holiday Working Visa. During this time in and out of Australia, I have been in a relationship with an Australian citizen in which we lived together in 4 separate lease agreements. We have documents that show proof of put ongoing relationship and at the moment she is currently holding a 2-year Working Permit for Canada.

    My question is am I eligible to apply for a Permanent Residency Visa with the qualifications I’ve listed above?

    Both my partner and I have degrees in Bachelor of Business that we attained in Australia.

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Australia De-facto Visas

      My initial thought is that you would eligible for a de-facto spouse visa. These are for people who have been living together in a genuine, subsisting relationship for over 12 months. The Australian immigration authorities will scrutinise the documentary evidence you provide to prove the longevity of your relationship as this visa class is often subject to fraudulent applications from those who would not qualify to apply for a visa under an alternative route. Here is a link to the documents checklist page on the official Australian immigration site for a spouse visa.

      There is also often a long wait for these visas, which is reducing and further efforts are being made to speed up the processing time. I would start with this and if you take your time preparing your case, secure statements from friends and family and have joint bank accounts and leases then I am sure you will be fine. If you find you have further questions, I would be happy to help.

  5. james Akinsowon


    Good day, I would like to get information on studying in Australia as I wish to further my Master’s education and also work while in Australia studying. What kind of visa will need to secure?

    1. Your Immigration Expert


      You will need to be accepted into a course that will further your education in Australia at a recognised college or university. Once you have been accepted you may apply for a student visa. While you are a student you will be able to work 40 hours per fortnight during term time and full time in the holidays as a minimum. Students studying for a PhD or Master’s are able to work longer hours which is on campus quite often.

      To help you with settling into Australia it is important you build up a good network of friends and have access to some great advice so I found this link for newcomers


      I hope you enjoy Australia and pass with top marks.

  6. Martacv

    Temporary Work Visas

    I hold a Romanian passport, I’m 30 years old (31 next month) and I’d like to temporarily (a couple of years or so) work and live in Australia. Ive been checking the different type of visas but I’m a bit lost. I don’t have sponsor or particular qualification, I do have some family (cousin) that lives permanently there. Do I have any chances to get a working visa, or any better option?

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Australian Visas from Europe

      I can not see an easy way for you to secure an Australian visa based on the information provided. However, there is a large Romanian community in Australia who are very active in supporting fellow Romanians.

      If you were able to find an employer willing to sponsor you for a 457 visa having developed skills in demand on the Australian consolidated skills list before your get too old, may work for you. having cousins in Australia will not help you at this time on it’s own merits. See this as a longer term project and develop your work experience in skills required and you could be living in Australia in just a few years.

  7. Juliana

    Enter The Australia To Attend A Wedding

    My daughter wants to invite her father to her wedding this march 25,2017 who is working for 17yrs in California. He has labour certified but no i-140. Can we invite him directly from the USA or does he needs to go back to his own country, Now to apply for a visa to come to the wedding?

    how much will it cost if you will process the papers for a visitor visa?
    He never saw the daughter for 17yrs but we communicate through phone and sending money regularly until now.

    could you please advise me what to do because it’s only two months until March.
    hope you can reply me as soon as possible.

    1. Your Immigration Expert


      I really hope I can help and I hope my response on a Sunday in just three hours shows I am committed to your daughters big day and helping her Dad be there for the wedding. In fact, cases like this are the exact reason I love my job and also get frustrated with the immigration laws that keep us apart from our families.

      Let us look at what you have posted, my services are free. The government visa could also be free or $135 depending on two things you did not mention. Which country her father is from and where the wedding is, so I made an educated guess based on a couple of items you posted.

      I am guessing you are in Australia due to your email address ending “.au” but, I could be wrong, please let me know if it is somewhere else.

      Assuming the wedding is in Australia then let us look at visa options. The timeframe to secure a visa can take several weeks and evidence must be provided. I suggest when he files his application he can provide the follow:

      – His passport.
      – Certifies copy or his daughter’s passport and a full unabridged birth certificate showing he is the father.
      – Official confirmation of the upcoming wedding from a legal source and religious (if applicable) originals or certified copies to support the visa.
      – Evidence of leave booked from his job and confirmation he will be returning.
      – US Labor Card
      – Any bills he may have showing he is settled in the US and has a family there or reasons to return after the wedding.
      – Bank statements to show funds for the trip and wage slips.
      – Along with photos and other items requested

      You will find much of this is not a mandatory requirement to secure the visa however, it will help the immigration officer understand the urgency and legitimacy of the case and reason to travel while allaying the officer’s fears he may overstay by showing he has every reason to return to the USA.

      As I do not know where he is from my first step would be to file in the USA but on Monday morning he should confirm directly with the Australian immigration office if they would accept his visa application from there.

      The immigration department operates a telephone contact centre accessible from
      anywhere in North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico) and most of the
      Caribbean. The information officers will answer his questions about the visa application process. The service is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish and their number is: (613) 238-1040 ( link to their site )

      Let me know if you would like more help and together we will ensure your Daughter has her Dad by her side when it matters.

      If the wedding is not in Australia, the documents listed will still be important to the case and so start preparing them now. I will help you with any other country if required.

      Please join our community and upload some photos of the wedding and the bride and her Dad together on your profile page and ping me to be your friend as that would make my day, I love weddings and knowing I made a little contribution.

  8. dook

    Securing A Work Visa

    I am a qualified electrician, I am waiting for my EWRB registration, and want to go to New Zealand to look for work once I have the registration, at the end of March 2017, while I am staying with my brother in New Plymouth.
    My plan is to immigrate permanently with my wife and son to New Zealand.
    What are the requirements for a working holiday visa?
    and is this the best option?

  9. dook

    Can I get A Working Holiday Visa?

    could you please tell me the requirements, for a working holiday visa, from South Africa to New Zealand.

  10. Prosper Tribe Mutsigwa

    Moving To Australia

    Hello. I hold a Zimbabwean passport but currently based in Beijing, China. I am planning to move to Australia permanently. I also have close family who happens to be Australian citizens. Which Australian work visa suitable to apply and fast? I am also a qualified journalist. I have an associate degree in Journalism and Media, I graduated 3years back.

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      I answered your question and provided options for securing an Australian Working Visa when you posted on another page. Can you post a question under a new topic and I shall reply again.

  11. doods

    Employment Visa Options

    Please guide me on how I can qualify to apply for an employment visa to New Zealand. I am currently working and living in the UAE.

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Work Visas

      There are several types of working visas for New Zealand but without knowing what you do for a living I would urge you to secure employment prior to doing anything else. New Zealand is a notoriously difficult country to secure a working visa for currently. If you are able to secure employment sponsorship it would make your migration plans a great deal easier.

  12. Venus Challengie

    Switch From A Student Visa To A Marriage Visa

    I have an Australian student visa which allows me to stay for 4 years more. I am currently enrolled in an Elicos English language course at Melbourne University with a view to doing a degree course next.

    Meanwhile, I am engaged to an Australian.

    I shall marry him in the immediate future in anyway change or effect the status of my student visa and restrict visa for Australia, to finish my study plans?

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Switching To A Marriage Visa

      Once you are married you can apply for a marriage visa, once you have secured your visa you may continue to study, work and live in Australia. Actually, there really is no downside to changing your visa. While you are in Australia and your spouse visa is being processed you may remain on your student visa.

  13. Derae

    A Visa For My Partner

    I’m a New Zealand citizen and I’d like to bring my partner, who is a male, Chinese citizen back to NZL with me. I know he is keen to continue studying at a tertiary level and get a Masters degree. I assume the permanent residency visa as a partner of a New Zealand resident or citizen is the best option for him. My question is this, does our application for him stand a better chance of being accepted if we are married when we file for the visa?

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      The Difference Between A Marriage And De facto Visa

      The short answer is that New Zealand is an enlightened country that does not require its citizens to be married to benefit from family life. Therefore, as long as you can show via independent financial, official and social documentary evidence that you have been co-habiting as partners for the past year, regardless of your sex you will be treated equally to married couples.

      The evidence you will be required to provide are items in both names or in separate names and sent to the same address. Examples include but not limited to bank statements, invoices and domestic bills, medical records, government forms. From a social aspect, there is a requirement to show joint travels, statements from family and friends showing they recognise you as a couple. There are of course other items but I hope this provides an overview.

      There are exceptions to the rule regarding cohabitation, where a couple may live apart but are still classed as being in a de facto relationship. These are difficult cases to win as the criteria to evidence the relationship is so high and it is down to the discretion of the Immigration Officer.

      If you decide to Marry that is great but from an immigration point of view, it is not a requirement. What is important and we have not addressed, is that you must evidence your ability to support your partner financially while they are in New Zealand until they qualify for residency.

      1. (Ms) Derae

        Entry Clearance As A Partner

        not sure I gave you enough information… We would be applying for a Residency Visa while still in China and would aim not to arrive in NZL before residency was granted. Is this not possible due to visa conditions and requirements?
        While supporting him would not be an issue, the Residency Visa allows an applicant to work in NZL once it’s granted, correct?

        1. Your Immigration Expert

          Spouse Visas Issued Before Entry

          You may find your partner will be granted a two-year visa and on completion if the relationship is still subsisting he will be granted residency. You will need to prove you can financially support your partner during this time so a job offer would be helpful as well as a healthy bank balance.

          During this probationary period your partner will be able to work, the rule simply protects the public purse from an unnecessary burden. On a separate note, you may want to check with the University regarding fees as they could attempt to charge international student rates.

          1. (Ms) Derae

            Thank You

            Thank you very much for the information, you have been exceptionally helpful and I really appreciate it.

  14. Naureen

    One of my friends was on a 457 visa as a restaurant marketing manager. This year is his 4th year on a 457 visa because of caveats on his restaurant manager visa he can’t do the job now. My question is can he still apply for PR?

  15. Zakir Ahmed syed

    I am in need of expert advice-am 44yrs NZL citizen living in Australia since 2009.
    I’m currently enrolled in apprentice in bakery working full time, finishing the course in 2018 July.
    I would like to know the options available to apply for Australian Residency
    Thanks in advance.

  16. Nicolas

    My employer will sponsor me for a 186 ENS direct entry PR visa. I have a few questions about that:
    1) How long will I have to continue working for my employer from an immigration perspective? What happens if i am made redundant or if I quit to change job
    2) Can my employer legally ask me to pay for all visa related costs?
    3) How long does processing usually last once the application has been lodged? What happens if I am made redundant before the visa is granted (in case the process is very long)?

    Thank you so much for your help!

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