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  1. Steve Lax


    Do you help people who are trying to obtain the designation of a U.S. visa sponsor?

    1. Your Immigration Expert


      There are various US visas and sponsorship visas. We can advise on these and my first bit of advice is to state how hard they are to secure currently. However, there is nothing to suggest in your comment that would suggest you could not secure a visa but I would need to know more to offer any meaningful US immigration advice.

      To help you continue your research, however, I have found this link which I believe is a good starting point:

  2. Lily

    US B1 Visas

    I’m an 18-year-old girl from England. I am looking to obtain a US B1/B2 visa to travel to LA for pleasure purposes (staying with my relatives – they will be taking care of my accommodation and food expenses)

    I’m struggling with the whole ‘proving strong ties to your home country’ situation. Can my strongest tie be my immediate family? I have my mum, dad and brother in the UK. I’m dependent on my parents as I live in their house and they are my only source of income… I finished school education last year and I’m on a gap year right now (a gap year is a year you take off before you go into university) to do some travelling – so showing educational ties would be an issue… Is there anything else I could prove?

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      B1 Visas

      As a UK national you do not require a B1 or B2 Visa to enter the US if your stay is 90 days or less. Under the US Visa Waiver Program, many British Citizens do not require a US visa, as long as you hold a valid ticket for onward or return travel from the USA.

      If you want to secure a B1 visa you should let the US immigration authorities know what you have told me. They will be happy to grant your visa. A gap year is an amazing year of your life, the USA would be delighted if you spent so time there to help build the UK-US special relationship for generations to come. It would be helpful to have a letter of invitation from your family in the US outlining how long you will be staying with them and that they will sponsor and accommodate your if required. Enjoy your trip.

  3. Rob

    Can A Blind Person On Benefits Secure A Visa?

    I am marrying an American girl next Saturday, I fly out to the USA on Wednesday. Here are the plans, we stay together In the USA for 7 weeks then she comes to the UK on a normal visitor visa for 5 months (or less).
    Before we go out to the USA together, where we plan to apply for a settled person visa. My worry is if the Entry Clearance Officer is the UK and the US Immigration Officer will be ok with this?

    We’re both totally blind, I am on UK ESA and PIP benefits and also will be entitled to housing benefit when we move into our new home (another reason for leaving it until later is that I cannot right now prove my entitlement to this benefit).
    Can I have your thoughts?

    1. Your Immigration Expert

      Applying For A Visa While Disabled

      The is also blind or so Lord Justice Denning used to say. The fact of the matter is the Immigration Officer and Entry Clearance Officer has a really tough decision to make on your case. On one hand, they will certainly not want to separate you from your partner but on the other, they have a duty of care to ensure you can both afford to live.

      Is it in the public interest to deny the visa or not. The truth is it might be as they would be protecting you both from unnecessary hardship. Now that may seem harsh and I am certain if they make that decision it will not be taken lightly and senior officers will be consulted.

      No one will want to be the person who says no and refuses your visas in the UK or the USA, but it is part of the job if you can not build a strong enough case that you will be financially stable. I would urge you to have your financial evidence in place before any travel plans are finalised. Good luck and please let me know if I can help more and keep me posted of the outcome.

  4. marcus franklin

    Hi, I my American girlfriend is returning home to the states and we are going to marry in September if all goes well, I have read I can go on a tourist visa and get married alvalin ritalin as long as I return home to the UK which is what i plan to do, I would like to return back to the states to live permanently what visa would i need to get, I have read there is a couple. I’m just in a bit of a muddle and need some help.

  5. Lala

    I’ve been denied my visa based on section 214b, however, I solely care for my mother and 3 children mother and one of my children are unwell and it required me to stop my studies and take full-time care of them, therefore, I do not work. I planned to go to Miami for a break for 8 days and I don’t know how to prove I am coming back as I assumed being a carer and a mother would be enough… what can evidence could I Bring to the interview to support my application?

  6. Muhannad Al raisi

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m an Omani passport holder who will be travelling to the USA with a tourist visa in mid-July 2017 and my US visa expires end of January 2018. I’m planning to book a cruise-ship trip which will visit Jamaica and Mexico. Should I get a visa for my visit to these countries or not?
    I read online that cruise visits for the both countries are not required. Please advise.


  7. Sean Bradford

    Thank you for this romantic and practical information! So if you ‘live together’ or ‘cohabitate,’ you can’t bring your other half with you to the US. While not a licensed arrangement, I have seen many couples even more romantically entwined than in ‘official’ unions. Oh well…


    i want to know more about EB5 Investor green card

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