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US Fiancee Visas

Wow! you have been clearly unlucky recently. Not as unlucky as your boyfriend who lost his legs. I wonder how that happened. There are a few things you could do but there is no guarantee any of this will work but it maybe worth a try.

You could get engaged and plan to marry on arrival in the USA. You will require a great deal of evidence and ultimately this is up to an immigration officer to decide if they are willing to accept you back in. That is a 50/50 bet due to your previous overstay.

The part where the case is most exposed to risk is on funds. If your partner is not able to support you financially you will more than likely be rejected a visa. Family sponsors of immigrants applying for a U.S. green card must prove that they can financially support the immigrant as well as their own household at 125% of the dollar amounts shown in the U.S. Poverty Guidelines.

I hope your mum is feeling better and your boyfriend doesn’t loose anything else.