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UK Visas To Join The British Army
When the British Army recruit a person from a Commonwealth country they make all the necessary arrangement for them to secure a visa. However, until the date that you enlist you will be responsible for entering the UK on your own visa and remaining legally throughout your stay.

If you enlist during this stay the Army will be happy to switch your visa status to that of an active serviceman in the armed forced. This simply means you will become exempt from UK immigration controls and your visa will cease to apply. When you leave the armed forces you will once again be subject to immigration controls.

I am sure you may have seen this but if not I have provided a link to the Army’s website which explains how you can secure your visa and the rules to do so.


To enter the UK will be required to hold a standard visitor visa which takes approximately three weeks to secure and costs £87. I suggest you apply twelve weeks before your planned date of travel to allow the maximum time available in case of delays. You will need to evidence you have the funds to support yourself during your stay and have strong links to your home country if the British Army reject your application to enlist.

As you are holding a letter from the Army to apply for selection, you clearly have good reason to visit the UK but, the entry clearance officer can still refuse entry if they believe you are not a genuine applicant and your intention is not to return home.

In 99% of cases like yours, the applicant is allowed to enter the UK and everything goes brilliantly. I wish you all the very best with your future career.

Finally, remember the Army wants good men and are happy to assist you with your visa application if required. That said they also look for those who can adapt and overcome, or at least this what I see on the TV.