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US F1 Visas Switching To an H1b Visa

I’m currently in the USA on my F1 visa. My OPT work permit will be valid as of march 1st 2017. I would like to apply for an H1b visa this year. I will be employed by a profit organisation, in travel, event and management services (my speciality occupation). I also have an MSc degree from a US University. I know that there is a cap exemption for Master degrees but believe that this is only for individual who work for not-for-profits. Can you confirm this? If this is indeed so, I will have to apply for an H1B visa without the cap exemption benefit.

In the past, I have worked as a consultant. Is it also possible to apply for an H1B visa as a consultant? In that way securing my ability to work for multiple employers at the same time?
I greatly appreciate any advice regarding the visa application.