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US F1 To H1b Visas

H-1B Visas start again on the 1st April so you are in a place right now to be prepared to file when the new allocation of 67,000 is launched. You will not be exempt but as a Master’s graduate, you will be eligible to secure one of the additional H-1B visas specifically set aside for those with higher degrees.
There are a few clever ways to move your case forward but I notice you never mentioned an F-1 OPT option which would allow you to work for up to a year. This is assuming you never worked during your studies. An F-1 OPT will also allow you to open your own business. Here is a link that might help you


From there assuming you are doing well this time next year you would have a wider variety of visas to look more terms at remaining in the USA. There again, you could work now to secure your H1-B in April and get set for a great career.

Whatever you decide to do you are in a very lucky position now you have put the effort in. Going forward US immigration is only going to get easier for you.