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I can certainly provide advice on UK business investment and on securing a tier 1 visa if you wish to live in the UK and stay close to your investment. There are of course several questions I would need to have answers to and not least the type of business you want to invest in.

I am surprised that you are looking at a partnership and partners are often a drawback when building a new business and unless they are also going to invest £200,000 their exposure to risk is going to be less than you and this may affect their motivation to ensure your business is a success.

May I suggest you open your own limited company and take on the Directorship yourself. This puts you in the driving seat and reduces your need for others. This would allow you to start a business you control. Establishing a UK company is easy and you do not require to hold a Tier 1 visa to register a company. Once the business is established you can focus on your business plan, this could include opening a franchise or something completely fresh.

For today as a simple to do list I would suggest you register a company and here is a link to register your company online

Start writing your business plan, as you do not require previous business experience to open a company or apply for a visa the plan does not have to be too detailed at this stage as long at you write a page about the vision, mission, clients it will serve and services you intend to provide. A page on financial forecasting and where the money will be invested as part of the capex over the first year or two along with jobs the business will create.

Once you have these things in place and can show the funds are yours and not a loan the UK Immigration department will grant a 24-month visa to allow you the time to put your plans into action. I suggest you keep your forecasted profits and turnover modest so you are not under undue pressure to for the business to over perform during this period.

For further help let me know when you are all registered and your plan is ready to be scrutinised and I shall be happy to provide further guidance. Exciting time for you and I hope your future is profitable.

Finally, I would suggest you do not throw too much money at starting the company and let it earn its own way. If they business is going be successful it will quickly pay for itself.