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US Marriage Visas

I am often asked if a person can reside or enter the US while their marriage visa application is pending. The short answer is that you can enter for three months as a visitor only, with the intention of leaving the USA at the end of this time. As a tourist, you will not be able to work.
You can apply for an SSN as a tourist in the USA but that will not alter your visa status.

Based on your comments I would assume your son is from a previous relationship. The US Immigration authorities will want to confirm you have permission from your previous partner if applicable to take your Son with you. They will also want to complete Police and medical checks prior to approving your visa.

These checks are important for the US to complete prior approving your visa. As it is always cheaper and easier to keep a person outside the USA rather than have to locate them, then pay to deport them, if they fail to meet the immigration requirements, it makes sense that USA immigration authorities would not allow you to enter the USA and start employment until such time that they are happy with your case and completed all their checks.

I see you are a UK national and I assume you will be applying for your visa from the US embassy in the UK. The god news is that processing times on “visa ready” applications are taking 90 days or less to complete as opposed to the five or six months experienced in some countries.

if you would like assistance with your marriage case please open a new topic or question and I shall be happy to answer any further questions you may have.