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If you attempt to leave the UK without your previous partner’s permission you may be accused of child abduction which is always best avoided and there have been cases where the previous spouse agrees at the date the person emigrate only to later demand the child is returned to the UK so it is important you ensure you have the necessary permission prior to departure.

For US immigration purposes there are various ways to ensure you have prepared the necessary paperwork to avoid any possible issues at a later date, US immigration provides clear guidelines on this issues and I have attached a link here to the government page dealing with this issue, which I hope helps you.

A visa ready application is simply one that has all the forms completed correctly and the documentary evidence filed to support the case is of the standard required to act as independent evidence that can be called upon in court. It is important to remember when applying for the US marriage visa you are entering a legal process with a foreign government who have no obligations to you. It is, therefore, your personal responsibility to file a complete and winning case before they will consider approving a visa.

It all may sound a little overwhelming, but I can assure you all these things are easily overcome as long as you take your time and file a strong case. The fact you’re now married to a US citizen as the basis of the case means you will eventually secure a visa, it is simply how pain-free you can make the process.