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Unfortunately emigrating to Australia without holding skills in demand is difficult unless your partner is Australian, you’re able to invest in Australia or, you have an Australian employer willing to secure a 457 visa to employ you.

To locate an employer can be as easy as looking on a recruitment site like seek but then the employer will need to apply for a licence to sponsor you. As part of this process, they must make several undertakings including

– They have attempted to hire an Australian resident without success.
– They will dedicate a percentage of their turnover to training.
– They will pay for your flight home at the end of your visa if required.
– They will re-reimburse the authorities for any deportation costs if required.

These conditions alone prevent many companies from hiring overseas people they have not even had the opportunity to interview in person.
As an alternative suggesting, you may want to reconsider your plans and look at retraining into a profession currently in demand in Australia. You could do this in Australia by enrolling in a course at a college which offer the relevant course. Once you have been accepted you can secure your student visa and enter Australia as a student. Once qualified it would be possible to go on to secure a working permit which would lead to permanent residency.

Please remember, however, when you enter Australia your intention must be to leave and only after qualifying can you ask to remain to pursue your career. While studying you will also be able to work with a few restrictions.