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Australia Skills List
To secure a working visa for Australia your skills must be in demand on the SOL list for the federal level skilled visa (189 Visa). If you want to secure a working visa for a specific state only your skills need to be on the state occupations in demand list with at least 3 years full-time experience.

The list predominantly consists of technically skilled professions, while journalism is a soft skills profession which is current not required by any states. This would not just make it difficult for you to secure an independent skilled migrant visa, but it would make it difficult for an employer to justify hiring you over an Australian resident. Unless the employer can justify why they can not hire a local person within Australia they will not be granted a licence to hire you on a skilled visa.

I appreciate you have family in Australia but that is not a strong enough reason to be approved for migration to Australia. I would suggest you start with the student option and take it from there, sometimes we need to build a migration pathway.