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Uk Visit Visa For UK Citizen’s Spouse

This is a tough one to answer, The UK is paranoid all people across the globe who apply for a visitor visa really want to live in The UK indefinitely. The problem starts when an immigration officer tests your husband’s intention to return home.

If you can imagine the scales of justice and on one side there is the fact he is married to a UK national, comes from a less than salubrious country and right now securing a UK Marriage visa is both expensive and requires the couple to be financially capable of meeting quite high levels of income. This all stacks up to suggest your partner may not want to return home after his visit and the visitor visa is a way to circumvent the immigration law on securing a marriage visa.

As UK Immigration law is based you proving your case, it is not down to the immigration officer justifying their belief (without evidence) but down to you to pre-empt their concerns and provide evidence to address their concerns. An example would be if you have children, a home and a job in Cape Verde. If you could show this for example then it would reasonable to believe he will return home as he has every reason to do so and no reason to overstay in the UK.

Your case will hinge on the immigration officers belief that your husband’s intention to return home. In my experience, this will be a challenge, as immigration officers need evidence to see the best in people.

That all said, it is worth applying as long as he can afford his stay and has a job, home, family, etc… to return to after his stay. There are immigration changes on the way and here is a link you might find helpful.