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No Immigration Benefits From Being Born In The UK

As the UK Immigration policy was then and remains the same today states that a child born in the UK to parents who do not have ILR in the UK (Indefinite Leave To Remain) will be the nationality of their parents. This has the obvious drawback for their dependents in years to come, especially if they remain an expat without residency in any country. Therefore, I would urge you and your wife to plan to remain in a county long enough to secure citizenship. This is can be a challenge but very much worthwhile for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Right, back to the issues today. There are no benefits for being born in the UK and to overseas parents. As there are now so many children born in the UK from overseas parents there is little hope that the political classes will want to change this position. That said, the future is yet to be written.

If you wish to return to the UK you must qualify to do so under the Tier Visa system, which the UK uses to manage migration. I am sure if you are on an H1B visa currently you have key skills in demand in the UK. Let me know if I can help further.

Finally, thank you for using our service is 2006 and I am delighted to see you back again.