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Refusal Of A UK Visa On Several Grounds

Your visa refusal is rather comprehensive and the UK Entry Clearance Officer has clearly taken a great deal of time to hammer a few nails in the coffin lid of your plans to visit the UK. If I were to break them down a little it might help you understand the situation a little better.

Firstly, not living with your child. This is very common in the Philippines and culturally the norm for parents to leave their children with Grand Parents or others while they go to work. Many Mum’s work in Dubai, the UK and across the globe only seeing their children grow up on Skype. A vast percentage of the Philippines GDP is borne from overseas parents sending money their children. So the Entry Clearance Officer may have mentioned this but has no real impact on your case other than to remove any potential argument that because you have a child you would be more likely to return.

Funds is another issue where the Immigration officer is underlining that you will need to be financially supported to complete your travel plans and that would probably require your UK boyfriend to finance whole or part of the trip. Again, this would suggest stronger ties with the UK than the average tourist and would present an issue of possibly “Running To Ground” which means overstaying illegally with your partner in the UK.

Finally, the biggest issue is your intention not to return home. Unfortunately, a large number of Filippino’s overstay in the UK and other countries each year and work illegally. The UK Immigration Office is looking at the trend over recent years and applying it to your case. This is an impossible point to argue and doing short trips to Malaysia, Singapore or elsewhere will not detract from the historical data being used to make that decision.

The biggest kicker of all is that you have a UK partner. In recent years girls in the Philippines and Thailand have secured a reputation for marrying western men for financial gain. While others exploit their goodwill and generosity by asking for money, in some cases girls can have multiple UK boyfriend who all pay them money. The UK Government see this as an issue and aim to protect UK men from such exploitation. I am not suggesting for one second this is the situation in your case but this is how it is perceived to be by the Immigration officer.

My brother fell in love with a Filipino lady over 10 years ago. He has been living in Cebu happily ever since. So, you are not alone in your challenge but I assure you it is a very difficult visa to secure and when I arrange to bring my brother’s girlfriend to the UK, I had to give my old friends in the UK Immigration my personal guarantee she would not work and would return home. Even then I was not sure if that would be enough to swing it. I guess we were lucky.