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UK Parent Visas

There is currently no provision for a UK Parent visa and even though your wife is ill this would not warrant a UK Visa being granted to enter the UK as a parent. There are a couple of options available however to enter the UK.

The first is as a medical treatment visitor, assuming you have paid private medical treatment booked with a Doctor in the UK for a condition or illness which can be cured. These visas are initially granted for six months but can be extended if the treatment is ongoing.

Another route would be to enter as a visitor to simply visit your daughter for up to six months as long as you have the funds and accommodation available to support yourselves.

To apply to remain on grounds of exceptional hardship would take the completion of a “Village Test” where it must be proven by the applicant they are in a significantly worse off position than others in their village, town or city. As you are most likely going to fail this test, Therefore, with that in mind, this type of application may become an expensive process just for a refusal but, I am sure a lawyer would love to take on your case to prove my point!

If the situation does get worse for your wife the only option would be for your daughters to pay for live-in care or to move home to support you both back at home.