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How To Spot A Fake Job Offer

There are a lot of these fake offers made and I never understand how they find their victims. In fact, we have received some enquiries from people who have been approached by people saying a company claiming to be Global Visas has offered them a job, we informed the Police immediately each time but often these criminals operate offshore. Unfortunately, there is little anyone can do to stop this cyber crime and it is down to the victim to do their research.

Here are some top things to look out for and to avoid:

– Check their email address after the @ symbol and ensure if you use that in the search bar of your browser it goes to the companies website. Any emails from others domains or Hotmail, etc… are warning signs and best avoided.

– Travel agents are NOT qualified or legally entitled to apply for a work permit so that is another warning sign.

– Never pay for a job, this is illegal in the vast majority of countries. If a genuine employer wants to hire you they will invest in you and secure your visa.

We have recently had an enquiry from a person who secures a work permit, sold his house, pulled his children our of school, left his job as did his wife and paid to ship the contents of his home and flights to Australia.

On the day he was set to travel the company called and said the $100,000 a year job he was expecting did not exist but there was a job for $20,000. He would not have been able to survive in Australia on that income and the employer would still be in control as they held his visa. This is as close to modern day slavery as you can get without actually putting a person in chains.

We have also published a link from our Canada immigration guide page listing the companies with a licence to employ overseas staff. You may really want to emigrate and without a job offer, you would not be able to do so. That desire to emigrate often stops us from doing the necessary background checks. I am glad you did and sorry my reply was not more positive.