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Return To The UK With South African Wife

To return to the UK with your wife will require you hold enough saving or have employment earning over ¬£18,600 per year. We have discussed the fund’s requirements in further detail on this page. It is therefore often difficult for people to return to the UK as a family unit and the UK national is often required to return first to set things up, secure a job then invite their family to join them.

Due to the fact you have been married since 2009 and have children together, there is little doubt that you are in a genuine, subsisting relationship. You do have a right to family life under UK law but without the fund’s the UK immigration authorities will not approve your visa.

It is also important to note some people have tried to come to the UK as a visitor with the hope of switching to a marriage once in the UK. Recent Court rulings and current policy means the UK will refuse any attempt to switch visas onshore. So, make sure you arrange the correct visa before your South African wife travels to the UK to avoid any issues later.

Your children are British assuming you were born in the UK and did not secure nationality at a later stage in life or through your parent’s place of birth.