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Applying As An Investor With A Director Who Lost Their Tier 2 License

I would strongly suggest if you have £200,000 and you are looking to invest that type of sum into a UK business to secure your Tier 1 Visa you do not include your previous Director in your plans. The fact he has breached the immigration rules and in not deemed and compliant it would reflect badly on any future case. The process for an application is straight forward and shown on several sites including our guide pages.

I believe there is more of an issue around the new business and it feels to me that this new venture is another way of circumventing the immigration rules. As for completion of a Judicial Review, again this seems an extreme step to take when their Tier 2 license has been revoked and will more than likely fail as the law is weighted in favour of the UK Immigration authorities and they do not take such action without a great deal of evidence to support their case.