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    Emigrate To Canada As A Nurse

    I am currently working in Saudi Arabia as nurse, in national neuroscience institute, I am assigned in paediatrics. I am 26 years of age. I have my relatives in Montreal.

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    Emigration To Canada As A Nurse
    Based on the information provided you may apply to go to Canada as a Nurse. I would like to confirm your qualification and assuming it is a degree or equivalent in Canada you would be eligible to apply for an Express Entry visa. In Canada you will need to have your qualifications assessed by WES before applying for your visa this would be your first step. This would allow you to remain permanently in Canada, to practice as a nurse you would need to register with the nursing council in the province you wished to live. The OIIQ are responsible for nursing in Quebec and it would be important you are eligible to register with them, you can review their criteria in the link I provided.

    If you are a national of certain countries such as the UK and you are not able to qualify as a nurse, you could look at an International experience class visa. This is a great way to enter Canada as it can lead to securing a work permit and remaining indefinitely.

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    Nizza Leah N. Macapagal@

    My Qualifications To Emigrate To Canada

    I graduated Bachelor of science in nursing

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    Qualifications To Emigrate

    A degree is excellent and once you register as a nurse in Canada you would be able to emigrate. The issue is the Canadian Nursing Council who require on the job training which is hard to secure offshore. I would suggest you reach out to them as soon as possible. If you need to do a bridging course, you might want to look at going to college in Canada and securing a student visa. From this, you could go on to live and work there permanently. Let me know how you get on

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    Nizza Leah N. Macapagal@

    Processing Time For A Student Visa

    Good day! How long it will take if I will apply for a student visa in canada? And how much it would cost me?

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    Student Visa Processing Time

    The processing time is about 1-4 weeks depending on the documents provided to secure your visa and if the case is visa ready when submitted. The fees are a couple of hundred dollars only but you will need to pay for the college enrollment and evidence you have the funds required to study in Canada.

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    Nadia Stanciu@

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    My name is Nadia Stanciu and I am interested in moving to Canada in the next year. I would like to learn which is the best way to do that for me and my family.
    I am from Romania, currently living in London, I am 41 years old, I graduated in 2008 the social work university in Romania but I don’t have experience in this field. I speak fluent English, as well as Italian.
    As per my work experience, the last three years I have worked as a credit controller within a finance department.
    My husband works here in London as a baker for the last 6 months. In the last 3-4 years he used to work in Romania as a baker/cake decorator. He speaks English at a well-intermediate level.
    Could you please advise us which is the best way for us to get to Canada and if there is any possibility for us to register our immigration file directly in London?
    I look forward to receiving a reply from you.
    Many thanks and kind regards,
    Nadia Stanciu

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    Vincent Muljadi@

    Hi, My name is Vincent and I’m indonesian citizen who currently live in USA. I’m interested about moving to Canada as a foreign worker. I’m a chef in a restaurant
    my question is if I’m still possible to get working visa to canada from USA . and can you give me some information about it ? thank you.

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    I am 32, an actor (over 5 years experience in London) and looking to apply for a self-employed visa to Canada. I do not have family in Canada, nor a job offer. I do have contacts there and people I have worked with in the past. I have been told by a visa assistance office (canadianvisa.com) based in Canada that I am eligible for a self-employed persons visa. Of course they have told me it will cost me a lot to do that with them. Is this my best option? Can I apply directly? Do you offer a competitive and comprehensive assistance to this visa application?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Alor Ifeanyi Micheal@

    My name is Alor Ifeanyi Micheal and I am interested in moving to Canada. I would like to learn which is the best way to do that for me. I am from Nigeria, currently living in Nugeria, I am 30 years old, a graduate of Accountancy with experience in the field. I speak fluent English, as per my work experience, the last three years I have worked as a Bookkeeper, also as an Inventory officer, currently Working as an Account Officer. Could you please advise me which is the best way for me to get to Canada.

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