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    How does a sponsor endorse the certification on a certificate of sponsorship for migrant dependents?

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    Could you please provide more information on the UK visa class you are applying for, is is it a tier 2, tier 4 visa or family sponsorship?

    What is the relationship between you and the sponsor and the type of certification you are referring to in your question?

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    We applied for a Tier 2 visa for the migrants wife and child, however they have requested for the sponsor who is the employer to endorse the certification on a certificate of sponsorship for maintenance of the wife and child.

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    To bring a dependant to the UK on a Tier 2 visa there needs to be a commitment from the employer they will be willing to accommodate and financially support the family for the first month after arrival. A letter would usually be sufficient, assuming the employer holds a grade A licence to employ overseas nationals and the original application was filed correctly.

    Alternatively, the employee can provide bank statements showing a minimum of £630 per dependent in the account for 90 days immediately prior to submission of the visa application.

    I have provided a link to the site which may help you further and when you scroll down you will see the section on dependants of Tier 2 visa holders. UK Tier 2 visa sponsorship

    I would urge you to speak to your UK employer who will have a direct point of contact within the immigration office, they will be able to assist in addressing this matter. The UK wants highly skilled workers and is both willing and able to assist your company with their sponsorship obligations for the employee and their family.

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    UK Common Law Spouse Visas funds required

    My boyfriend is originally from Guinea and lives in Turkey. He would like to live in England with me and my son. I am finding it very confusing to know how to go about securing his visa.

    I would like to sponsor him as I have a home and job but don’t know how much income or savings I need. I have spent hours on government websites but don’t find it easy to follow. I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible and look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

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    Funds Required To Sponsor Your Spouse

    This is a complex area and one I fully understand can be confusing. I will assume you and your partner actually qualify as a common law couple and have evidence of a genuine subsisting relationship for at least 24 months prior to filing the case. The relationship as common law partners does not need to be cohabiting but, many cases where you have not been living together is often refused as the Immigration Officer will claim the relationship is not genuine. So, before you think about funds ensure you have enough evidence of the relationship which could include joint financial documents, like Bank Statements, Joint holidays, Letters and photos, Statutory Declarations from professionals and family members who know you as a couple. Evidence of visiting each other, etc…

    Assuming the above is in place you will nee to earn £18,600 per year. If you are earning less than that, you will need savings to make up the shortfall. Saving are defined as savings over £16,000. So if you have £16,001 in savings the UK Visa Officer will take your savings as only £1.

    We can again assume that will be two years before your partner would be eligible for ILR – indefinite Leave To Remain in The UK. Therefore, your saving (+£16,000) will have to cover any shortfall in your income if is below £18,000

    Here is an example:

    Income per year = £18,000 – so the shortfall of income required is £600 per year

    Saving = £17,200 So, subtract £16,000 leaving £1,200 in savings.

    As your income is short by £600 per year or £1,200 for two years (the length of the visa) you will be eligible to sponsor your partner.

    The truth is these rule which has recently been upheld in Court when challenged, does keep partners and families apart. It seems unjust to me but, I do appreciate why the UK wants to control immigration. There just might be some room to relax these rules. Please join our site and share our service on social media if we have helped you and spread the word.

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