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    my spoues’s trv/work permit expires at the end of April 2017 after which he’s planning to return to our home country. I was granted an open work permit through him, but would like to stay in Canada to work even after he’s gone.

    What would be the best thing to do in my situation? Extend my TRV? Extend my open work permit? Apply for a new visa/work permit? Thank you for your answer.

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    Extend My Canadian Open Work Permit

    As the dependent of a work permit holder in Canada, you are expected to leave when he does. If you wish to remain you will need to make your own visa arrangements. This may mean securing a work permit in your own right if you are not yet eligible for residency in Canada.

    There is also the study option if the worst were to happen as this will eventually provide you with grounds to secure your own working permit if you are under skilled or living in a province with strict controls on the LIMA process and who they are prepared to offer work permits to. If you are in a province like this you could look to move to another province where the rules for nomination are more relaxed and start from there.

    Whatever you decide, you will be expected to secure your own visa going forward.

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