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    My family would like to return to Canada. I and all five of my children would have Canadian passports but my husband is a UK and USA citizen. What is the easiest to apply?

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    How To Secure A Canadian Marriage Visa For Your Husband

    We have a guide on this on our site and it is a straightforward immigration route, especially as you have five children, I assume from your husband.

    Spouse, Common-Law, Conjugal Partner

    In these arrangements, a Canadian citizen or a person with Canadian permanent resident status currently living and working in Canada may agree to sponsor the applicant for a period of between three and ten years until they establish themselves in the country.

    If you are interested in migrating to Canada as a partner Immigration consultants at Global Visas can help you.

    Relocating to Canada under this kind of sponsorship allows an applicant to seek and undertake employment in the country without any restriction.

    Unlike temporary Canadian visas for short-term entry clearance such as the Canadian visit visa, which are issued for a strictly limited duration, Canada visa applications for family immigration through this route offer a path to permanent residency.

    Successful applicants will become permanent residents and after a minimum residency requirement of three years may be able to apply for Canadian citizenship.

    The requirements of family immigration sponsorship differ according to whether the applicant in question is the spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner of the Canadian citizen or holder of Canadian permanent residence as outlined below:

    Where marriages took place in Canada, a marriage certificate issued by the province or territory will be required.

    For marriages occurring outside Canada, the marriage must be valid under Canadian law and the law of the country in which it took place.

    Please let me know if I can offer more advice.

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