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    Let us answer your Australian immigration questions

    If you would like to emigrate to Australia but not sure how to secure an Australian visa, we can help. We are ready to answer your questions completely free of charge. It is best to provide as much background information as possible in your question, so we can provide a fast and complete response.

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    Cost Of Emigration To Australia

    I would like to live, study and work in Australia, kindly provide the necessary advice. And how much I will need to travel.

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    Your Immigration Expert

    Funds Required To Emigrate To Australia

    I believe I answered your question in the comments section on this page


    I did not answer your question on the funds you will require. This will vary on where you will study and for how long. I, of course, like to drink Champaign and only eat organic food so I might need a little more spending money. (LOL)

    On a serious note, I would suggest you present $20,000 per year for funds to live while in Australia for immigration purposes. This is what I call show money and does not need to be spent. It can be from parents if you have not got those funds yourself, but not a bank loan.

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    @Tawanda Runzira

    I Want To Study In Australia

    I want to study in Australia as well as to work and live there after my studies.can you kindly assist me with admission at business schools in Sydney Australia

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    How To Study in Australia

    I would be delighted to assist you to enrol in a college in Australia and help you secure your student visa. Once in Australia, a person can work while studying as a foreign student. However, you will still need to evidence you have enough funds to support yourself without the need to work while you are an international student.

    Once you complete your studies you can go on to secure a working visa and permanent residency, but your intention on entry must be to leave Australia at the end of your studies. You may want to look at New South Wales Business College.

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    please advise if you are going through a divorce in SA and not finalized. Wanting to immigrate as you promise to marry an Australian citizen. Who will be taking all responsibility. Would your application be considered.

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    Can I Secure A Partner Based Australian Visa, While Married To A Different Person

    While Australians are open minded about most things they are sticklers for one relationship at a time. Or at least they are from an Immigration perspective. You will need to secure a final divorce or provide you are legally separated from your current husband.

    Then you will need to show the new relationship has history and is genuine and subsisting. This would be evidenced best if you lived together or have a wedding booked in Australia within six months of your arrival.

    As you are not in the same country as your Australian partner, currently married to another person this is a tough case and one that may result in a refusal. I wish I had better news but it needs to be said, so you do not expect too much.

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    Dear Sir/Madam

    I want to work and live in Australia, my profession is Instrumentation technician in oil & gas industries…etc but I am confused to choose the best consultant also I having doubt that am I either eligible or not? I am from Pakistan but currently working in Saudi Arabia

    Total Experience 8 Years

    After 10th Three year diploma in electronics technology

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    I want, I Want, I Want

    Australian immigration law is a complex area and has several clear requirements for any candidate to complete prior to filing an application. We also provide detailed guides to how Australian Immigration works.

    Please do not try and take the lazy way and simply post a message saying you want! it simply does not work like that. Please ask me a specific question about your case with as much information as possible, I can not walk on water and nor can I magic up a visa.

    I know this may sound harsh but Usman, you need to come with something a little more than a wish for me to help you.

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    I have a bachelors degree in Marine Science and my boyfriend in Accounting and he is currently on his way to getting his CPA. Are these degrees helpful with immigrating?

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    Dear immigration expert,
    I am currently working as 149914-branch manager of financial institution currently in CSOL of south australia but special conditions are marked on it. My question is that if i apply for skill assessment and do ielts. whether, are there any chances for this occupation to be available in other states or without special conditions. and if yes, then how much are the chances? what is demand of this occupation. thanks


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    Lisha Rai@

    Dear sir/madam

    I have finish my bachelor in both theology n secular n now I want to apply for Master in divinity(theology). I am married So I want to know that is it possible to bring my husband in Australia if I got student visa

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