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    Canada Immigration

    If you want to secure a visa for Canada but not sure where to start or have a specific technical question we care here to help you for free.  Put is to the test for expert, no-nonsense advice.

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    Letter Of Immigration For A Canadian Visa

    I am interested in migrating to Canada via a visiting visa. How can I get an invitation letter without anybody (Relatives) in Canada to enable me to process my visa application?

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      Canada Visitor Visas

      As a visitor, your intention should be to leave Canada after a few months. You can enter Canada as a visitor with a view to securing a visa to emigrate at a later date. They call this trip “Running it up the flagpole” for some reason. During the trip, you can aim to find an employer who is willing to secure a work permit and complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to show they were unable to hire a Canadian resident. Another option would be to find a college to study in and secure a student visa.

      To enter Canada as a visitor it is not mandatory to have a family member in Canada to sponsor you. you will need to show sufficient funds and that you intend to leave at the end of your stay. A job, property, family back home are all indications you are not planning on remaining in Canada and overstaying your visa.

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    Study In Canada

    I’m going to Canada for student visa, can you guide me what’s the process of the visa, I have completed a three-year of civil engineer diploma associate After the metric so what can I do for my student Visa from Canada, currently I’m working in Jeddah Saudi Arabia,

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      Requirement For A Canadian Student Visa

      To secure a student visa you will first need to complete an English test or be educated in an English school. Once you complete this you can select a college. There are several to choose from like Durham College in Ontario who provides a wide range of courses. They will charge a $100 admission fee like most colleges to begin the process. The only thing to look out for it the fact Canadian immigration often refuse people on intentions to leave Canada at the end of your study so please look out for the dual intention policy in play currently.

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    My Canadian Study Visa Was Delayed

    I already got my Canadian Study permit, however, due to delays in the process, my classes had already started. So, I have to wait until May to start my studies. But, I want to go to Canada in February. Do you think it will be any problem in my entry?

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    Entering Canada Prior To My Studies

    Entering Canada using your student visa should not be an issue as long as you have the funds available to support yourself. Until the course starts you will not be able to work. Going forward and for others to see this is a useful page with hints and tips on avoiding delays in securing your study visa.

    I hope you enjoy studying in Canada and maybe remaining indefinitely as so many students do these days.

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    Software Engineer Applying For Express Entry

    I want to immigrate and start working in Canada. I am currently 22 years of age, working as a Software Engineer in an offshore company in Mauritius. I recently graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Mauritius. I will soon have 1 year of working experience as a Software Engineer. I already have my sister and some families settled in Canada. I am fluent in English and French. What are the first steps that I should take?
    Should I look for a job there first before applying?

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    A Strong IT Candidate For Immigration To Canada

    I do not know the Province in Canada where your family are based and if they are in a low population area there could be an opportunity for family sponsorship, but as most people prefer to live in more built up areas we must assume they do too. That said, I would suggest you would make an excellent candidate for emigration to Canada and I would recommend you start by completing the

    Canadian governments assessment form

    You will quickly be able to assess your options. Once you have established your first steps and decided on a way forward let me know if you need any assistance with the forms or the process.

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    Deryck Araujo@

    Sports Teacher Wants To Emigrates

    I am a teacher or athletics and Jiu Jitsu. I have various degrees, including an MBA in Business Management. I would like to teach Jiu Jitsu classes in Canada, what best visa to apply for?

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    Teaching In Canada

    To apply to emigrate to Canada as a teacher you will have to achieve 67 points in the Express Entry system. These points will be calculated based on a number of criteria including age, qualifications, experience, your English and French language ability among other options. You will also be required to have skills in demand in Canada and have your qualifications assessed to the Canadian equivalent.

    We have posted a guide to Express Entry which I hope you find helpful. If you need more assistance please ask.

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    Niall Lappin@

    Hi I worked in Canada for two years on a working holiday visa. How can I go back to work there. Thanks.

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    I want to return to Canada to Work

    To re-enter Canada after your Working holiday visa has expired will require you to apply as a tourist, a student, family route or as a skilled worker under the Express Entry routes.

    If you read our guides on these visas you will quickly realise which ones you qualify for and those that are not for you. Once you have selected your visa, I would be happy to answer more specific questions if you get stuck.

    Immigration law is a complex field and simply asking “How can I enter Canada?” does not provide enough information and is therefore simply too general a question to provide a meaningful response for.

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