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    If you want to enter or remain in the UK but not sure how to secure your visa, we can help you.  Post your question and our experts will reply completely free of charge.  From tier 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 we have it covered and our free advice is fast and may help you secure your visa.

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    Anthony Alifragkis@

    European Spouse Visas

    I am a European National ( Greek ) and since October I have been living and working in the UK.
    I am on a permanent job now.
    My girlfriend ( been together for more than 3 years ) was born in Albania and moved to Greece when she was 5 years old, she has Greek university education and a permit to live in Greece since she arrived.
    At the moment she is in the process of getting her Greek nationality but until then she needs a Visa to visit.

    We applied for a tourist visa early November but it was rejected with the main concern of the office being that she will come in the UK and apply for public funds.

    What are our options on the matter?

    Would be grateful for any help on the issue.

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    EU Spouse Visas

    UK immigration at present is a little difficult. The idea of being refused a visa as they maybe a burden on the public purse is a shame. I assume you are both working and the funds are not an issue as suggested. I would recommend you look at inviting your common-law wife to the UK as your E.U partner. The burden of proof regarding funds available under EU law is less than the UK immigration requirements.

    In short apply under EU law to bring her as your partner, assuming you have been living together. If not, as an appeal is out of the question it would be advisable to focus on her Greek citizenship rather than throwing more money at the UK Visa just for another rejection. let me know your thoughts and I would be happy to assist you with your visa.

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    Ethan Elisha@

    UK Visas To Join The British Army

    Am Ethan Elisha and I got an invitation letter for assessment for the British army and am also a student at a University in my second year, so wanted to ask which documents should I submit to spice up my application so I get granted once and for all. I hope to hear from you.

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    Your Immigration Expert

    Non-EU Citizen Joining The British Army

    This is a big question and is a little short in detail. You state you are in a University but is that in the UK or overseas? There is also a mention of the British army and if you are accepted by them they will secure your UK visa. When you refer to spicing up your application, are you referring to an application to the University, British army or UK Immigration?
    I would like to help but would a great deal more background.

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    Ethan Elisha@

    UK Visas To Enter The UK To Join The Army

    Okay, I just got an invitation from British army to attend assessment and am from Ghana and am also a student at a University in Ghana, so need to ask what document I should add to get my visa at once.

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    Your Immigration Expert

    UK Visas To Join The British Army
    When the British Army recruit a person from a Commonwealth country they make all the necessary arrangement for them to secure a visa. However, until the date that you enlist you will be responsible for entering the UK on your own visa and remaining legally throughout your stay.

    If you enlist during this stay the Army will be happy to switch your visa status to that of an active serviceman in the armed forced. This simply means you will become exempt from UK immigration controls and your visa will cease to apply. When you leave the armed forces you will once again be subject to immigration controls.

    I am sure you may have seen this but if not I have provided a link to the Army’s website which explains how you can secure your visa and the rules to do so.


    To enter the UK will be required to hold a standard visitor visa which takes approximately three weeks to secure and costs £87. I suggest you apply twelve weeks before your planned date of travel to allow the maximum time available in case of delays. You will need to evidence you have the funds to support yourself during your stay and have strong links to your home country if the British Army reject your application to enlist.

    As you are holding a letter from the Army to apply for selection, you clearly have good reason to visit the UK but, the entry clearance officer can still refuse entry if they believe you are not a genuine applicant and your intention is not to return home.

    In 99% of cases like yours, the applicant is allowed to enter the UK and everything goes brilliantly. I wish you all the very best with your future career.

    Finally, remember the Army wants good men and are happy to assist you with your visa application if required. That said they also look for those who can adapt and overcome, or at least this what I see on the TV.

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    Sri Harsha

    UK Tier 2 Visas

    I had Tier1 visa issued in Nov 2010 then Tier2 ICT visa from Aug 2012
    for the UK and entered in Oct 2012 and from last 4.4 years I working here.

    Will I be able to get UK ILR?

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    Your Immigration Expert

    How To Qualify For ILR From A Tier 2 Visa

    There is certainly an opportunity for you to secure ILR based on fives on a Tier 2 ICT visa but that does depend on a few things which I have listed in my reply.

    I assume you have spent 5 years continuously and lawfully in the UK, of which your most recent visa is a Tier 2 ICT.

    Your employer can certify:

    You are still required in your role and being paid over £35000 per annum, not have spent six months or more outside the UK in any year, a good command of English and life in the UK.

    Join our community and start your own topic with your own questions so I can assist you further if you would like more help.

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    Tier 2 visa to ILR in the UK

    I want to check about ILR eligibility. I have Tier2 ICT Long Term visa valid until Dec’2021. I am here in the UK since Dec’10 with TIER2 ICT Established staff.

    I was also in UK twice before Dec ’10:
    From Jan 2005 to Oct 2005 and from Apr 2007 till Aug 2009.

    Can you advise If I will be eligible for ILR?

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    Your Immigration Expert

    Tier 2 Visa Issued Before April 2010 May Apply For ILR After 5 Years

    Those who secured a tier 2 visa before the 6th April 2010 may apply for ILR after five years. Time spent in the UK on Visas granted after that date will not contribute to time served for ILR. In all cases since then, a visa holder must remain in the UK on a Tier 2 visa for 10 years before being able to apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain under the long residency rule.

    As your visa has been approved until 2021 you will, in due course be eligible for ILR. Hang in there. Do not forget you will need to pass an English test to secure your ILR visa at that time.

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    Finding Work In The UK For A Visas

    Hi, I completed my post graduation in the UK and then returned to my home country. I secured a job offer in FMCG. I have now completed 1 year in the role to gain experience in FMCG, I would now like to apply for jobs in the UK and return with a Tier 2 work visa.

    What will be the best starting point for me to apply for jobs and thereafter secure a UK Work Visa?

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    Your Immigration Expert

    Finding A UK Employer With A UK Sponsorship Licence

    There are only a few employers in the UK capable of employing overseas talent and hold a UK Tier 2 sponsorship licence. Therefore, the usual route of looking online for job sites like Indeed or Monster will not help you.

    The best chance you have of success is to target your efforts to companies who are able to sponsor you and have hired overseas skills before. These will be the most likely to read your CV and potentially offer you employment. For this reason, I have dug out the complete of UK employers who hold a sponsorship licence currently.


    I hope this is a good starting point for you and please let me know how you get on.

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    Profile photo of Prk

    Hi All,

    Good Afternoon!

    First of all, I would like to introduce myself. Currently, I am in tier 2 Visa – Due to some reason our company sponsorship licence is cancelled (Judicial review is ongoing) My visa is expiring in April 2017.

    I am planning to switch from tier 2 to tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. (£200k route)

    Could you please let me know what is the procedure and requirements?.

    What are the documents required for the fund?

    My director is going to start a new business very soon. If I add my name as a shareholder or director. Whether this will be useful for me to show a investment (£200K) . If it is ok means, what are the documents I need to get ready before that.

    Could you please let me know what are documents required from my side.

    I am waiting for your positive reply.


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    Your Immigration Expert

    Applying As An Investor With A Director Who Lost Their Tier 2 License

    I would strongly suggest if you have £200,000 and you are looking to invest that type of sum into a UK business to secure your Tier 1 Visa you do not include your previous Director in your plans. The fact he has breached the immigration rules and in not deemed and compliant it would reflect badly on any future case. The process for an application is straight forward and shown on several sites including our guide pages.

    I believe there is more of an issue around the new business and it feels to me that this new venture is another way of circumventing the immigration rules. As for completion of a Judicial Review, again this seems an extreme step to take when their Tier 2 license has been revoked and will more than likely fail as the law is weighted in favour of the UK Immigration authorities and they do not take such action without a great deal of evidence to support their case.

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    Tier 2 (Independent Vs. Dependent) Pros and Cons


    I’m now in the UK under a Tier 2 visa. I was planning to bring my wife and the kids under Tier 2 dependents, However, my wife got a job offer here and the employer asked her if she wants a COS. She and the kids are not in the UK at the moment.

    My question is:
    can each one of us work here in the UK with independent Tier 2 visa for each?
    if yes, then what are the pros and cons – for us and for the kids – of doing this (she comes with the kids under her own Tier 2 visa) compared to her coming to work in the UK under my visa as a dependent?

    N.B. we are all Egyptians. My wife and I work as doctors.

    Thank you

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    Mary Smith@

    Hi there,

    I am planning on getting the Youth Mobility Visa for June this year.
    I hope to get residency in the UK once I am legally able to. In order to do this, is it true that I must work and live in the UK for atleast 5 straight years?

    Many thanks!

    Kind regards,


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    I have a resident permit because of my wife she is eu citizen and I am from Bangladesh, now the problem is we want to separate and divorce and now I want to apply for retain rights of resident, but my wife said she will not help me for any documents or anything could you please suggest me is it possible to apply other visa without any help ? Do I need her all document ? I know where she working but I can’t get her payslips is it Goan help me or not. We married in may 2013 till now 3 and half finished. Please reply me thanknu

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    I do not have a surname on my Indian passport as well as my other official documents.My name is just Sonal.I need to apply for a UK Visa for a short-term business visit.Please suggest me the best possible way out to fill the UK visa form application where both the firstname and surname fields are given as mandatory.I do not want my visa application to get rejected.Please help.

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    Am a licensed architect currently working in UAE. Total experience in architecture industry 18 years and in Gulf 12 years and I would like to apply for Tier 1 Exceptional talent visa if it is still available and if I meet the required standards.Please brief me on this.Thanks

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    Hi I’m marrying my American girlfriend in august I’m a UK citizen from birth then we plan to live here with her mum and daughter , my girlfriend and her mum both plan to work once they get here would there be any delay? Also what visas would we need to apply for? Her daughter is 6

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    My husband is a British citizen, we invited my daughter from Nigeria for visiting the UK, unfortunately, she was refused a visa for entry, my daughter is 17 years, every necessary document was attached to her application, I even did a DNA test to prove that I’m her biological mother. I need some advice on what to do.

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      Your Immigration Expert


      This is a really interesting dilemma that many people either fear or suffer the same fate when applying for a short-term visa to enter the UK, regardless of the country of origin. There are a number of countries who are classed as UK Visa nationals and people from those countries suffer a much higher refusal rate than those from non-visa countries. Often the reason for refusal is based on a person’s intentions to return home prior to their visa expiring.

      So, let us assume the reason for the refusal is your daughter’s intention to return home is in question, this is based on taking an educated guess with over 20-year experience on my side, but you may want to correct me if this is not the case. An intention is impossible to prove either way but as the entry clearance officer holds all the power and you have no right of appeal then you can never escape this type of refusal. This type of refusal also leaves a person feeling powerless and hurt, especially if they have taken care to provide as much information as possible including a DNA test in your case.

      There is some good news as this is only the first battle and you could go on to win the case. I must make some assumptions again, firstly, you have a spouse visa or residency in the UK. I would also assume your daughter is from a previous relationship or she would be a British Citizen already through your husband. On this basis, I would make a new visa application but for her to join you permanently. Even if she decided to go home after a few months it is a visa worth pursuing as the UK immigration authorities refused the visit visa on her intentions to return home. This refusal will now work in your favour if you say “OK, you are right and I want her to live with me.” Here is a link I hope is helpful

      The immigration officer will be in checkmate. Now, I am mindful of needs for funds and other factors which may be in play but if this is a possible route I would certainly take that line or argument and turn your refusal into a positive. I would urge you to avoid student visas as they carry the same test for intentions and therefore would most likely result in another refusal and further disappointment.

      Currently, UK Visas are extremely frustrating and often unjust. I urge you not to give up and we are here to help and I am sure everyone wants to wish you the very best with your case and hope your daughter will be able to join you in the UK. It would be great if you joined our site as a member and kept in touch with updates and I hope to help further.

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