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    We have held Perm Residence for over forty years, we went through exchange control and left SA seven years ago, we wanted to earn money to retire back in SA. We have visited at least four times in the last seven years, always for holidays, for about six week periods, we hold our original Perm Res documens, still have our ID books, can we just go back and live there now? We have a daughter resident in Cape Town, our other children live in England but still as do our grandchildren also hold SA passports

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    Permanent Residency In South Africa
    The official line from the South African Department of Home Affairs states a permanent residency visa will be revoked if a person leaves South Africa for over a year. As you have only visited South Africa four times in the past seven years I must assume you would have lost your residency and the last visa issued on entry would show you entered as a visitor.

    Even if you were able to pass the immigration officer on entry you will find when you start paying tax, purchasing property, securing credit and start to re-establish yourself you will come up against potential issues. You may feel like an illegal immigrant which is not fun.

    Relatives Permit For South Africa
    With your daughter is in South Africa you can apply for a relatives permit which allows you to secure your permanent residency again. Between you and your sponsor, there will be a requirement to evidence you have access to R8,500 per person. These visas can take two years to process, therefore, if you want to travel to South Africa sooner you might look at the temporary residency version of this visa which much fast and apply to remain once you are there.

    The applicant will be required to furnish the following documentation in addition to the duly completed application form:

    – Your passport, which is required to have at least one blank page for the visa
    – A yellow fever vaccination certificate (if applicable)
    – Payment of the government visa application fee
    – A statement and/or documentation showing the purpose and duration of your visit, if you apply for a temporary residence visa. I would suggest you state 1 year to be with your Daughter
    – Proof of the relationship to your daughter, her full birth certificates will work for this
    – Police clearance certificate from each country you lived in for 12 months or longer since the age of 18 years
    – Medical and radiology reports
    – The ID book and/or passport that proves the South African based daughter is a permanent residency holder
    – Proof of availability of R8 500 per month per person

    Once you complete the application form provided here. This one is from the South African High Commission site in the UK but is the same form used worldwide, If you need further support I will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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    Travis scott@

    I am an ex South African citizen who wants to move back permanently with my wife and 2 kids .
    Can you help or do I need to go to London to the South African embassy to apply for permanent or temporary visa ?
    What documents do we need and must they be original or copy’s that are certified?
    Regards 07506454471

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