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    I have got a job offer from Bermuda, and I have already sent my paperwork to my employer for a work permit. I was looking at flight tickets and learnt that I need a transit visa for either USA, UK or Canada. I hold an Indian Passport, but my previous visas to US and UK have expired. I wanted to know, which is the easiest and most affordable out of the three. I feel spending money on a transit visa is a sheer and absolute waste of money and time, but rules are rules. For example, I don’t want to waste $160 for a transit visa for the US.

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    Transit Visa Prices

    You have the answer for US transit visas which is correct and the UK charges two types of fees.

    Direct Airside Transit visa ( DATV ) Р£32
    Visitor in Transit visa Р£59
    The cost may vary slightly depending on which country you’re in currently.

    Canada is not a stopover for any airlines I know on your route so I have not provided their arrangements.

    As you have held a tourist visa previously you will not an issue securing a visa, but you are correct transit visas seem like a complete waste of time and money and do little for security or stopping people applying for asylum on arrival. I wish you the best with your new job.

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