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    I have a sponsor in the USA and I would like to submit my visa application, but the rules have changed and Pakistan is currently banned what can I do?

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    Countries Banned To Enter The USA

    President Trump has signed an executive order to ban seven countries from entering the USA. They include the following countries:


    There are other countries that will no doubt be affected by the tougher vetting processes Trump intends to introduce once the 90 days ban is over. The head of US Immigration has also been removed, in a further display of the desire for change from the White House.

    While the President has approached the current temporary ban in a rather dramatic way clearly designed to make a political statement. We must remember he is not the first President to impose such a temporary ban as both Obama and G.W Bush imposed similar bans which were no so widely reported in the press.

    Is The Travel Ban Racist Or Anti-Muslim

    The short answer is no it is not. The ban is against seven sovereign states on the list for socio and political reasons not against all Muslims. This ban is only for 90 days and The President has also requested amendments to how working visas like the H1b are approved, so this review of the US immigration policy is far more reaching than just preventing travel temporarily from seven countries with a very limited annual inflow to the USA. The bigger picture is yet to be made clear and the question is what will happen once the ban is lifted.

    The USA Immigration system has been unfit for purpose for some time but there has been very limited political will on Capitol Hill to address the shortcomings in the system.

    While the ban is in place

    You will need to either sit it out if you have been affected or look to Canada who today announced they will accept those prevented from entering the USA with the correct travel papers in place. This is not going to work for most people and is more a symbolic gesture of opposition to the ban by the Canadian Government.

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