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    paul wilkinson@

    Visas For My Cruise

    hello, hope you can help, we are 4 persons(UK passport holders) flying from the UK to Hong Kong to join a cruise ship
    the ship will the do a 14-night cruise visiting a few ports in China and Japan, the ship then returns to Hong Kong where we will disembark and fly back to the UK. We do not wish to disembark the ship at any of the Chinese or Japanese ports, so do we require visas for this trip.

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    Visas For Seamen And Cruise Ships

    This is a common question as cruises become more popular. It is shocking that you need to so your own research on this as your travel agent has a legal responsibility to inform you or your legal obligations to remain compliant throughout your trip.

    Each port and exactly where the ship docks will affect your visa requirements. I would urge you either speak to your travel agent to your cruise company if you are not 100% confident in your travel agents legal knowledge.

    Ultimately, I do not believe you need any visas as you will not be leaving the ship but there are exceptions to the rule.

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    Gabriela Ulloa@

    Hi, I am Mexican national and Im planning a princess cruise in may that stops in Aqaba Jordan for some hours. I want to know if the ship provided visas for all cruise passengers or I need a personal visa to board the ship. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    A visa For Jordon

    You will be fine just avoid going into Israel before you go to Jordan. The cruise ship will certainly not put you harms way and would inform you if you need any special visas. Check with them if you are still uncertain.

    Enjoy your time in Jordan.

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    stefanie dewi@

    hi, I am Indonesian and I will join the cruise from shanghai and stop at 2 cities in Japan. Do we need to have Japanese visa? because the person from Japan Embassy here say that we can do visa on arrival on the cruise but we need confirmation about that. Thanks in advance for your help..

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    My travel partner is a Moroccan citizen in the United States with a F1 student visa. We will be traveling on a cruise to Honduras, Belize, and Mexico. Will she need any other visas for this cruise?

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