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 GlobalVisas.com started in 1996 when it provided advice on immigration and visas for many of the world's largest companies across the globe and private clients alike.  I often charged several thousand to secure a single visa. This year I decided to do something completely different with GlobalVisas.com which has never been done before and provide my expertise completely free to fellow professionals in the field of global mobility and private individuals alike, with an interest in living overseas.  As more people emigrate for family, work or personal reasons each year immigration controls are becoming stricter.

I decided to build this site for people like you. To secure 100% free advice and support from experts and share your experiences as an expat with a community who understand and share the issues you face living abroad.  I have helped over 40,000 people secure a visa since 1996. My vision is to continue to support people with our expertise completely free of charge and build a community free and open to all.

I hope you will join our community and support my vision of a global village without barriers. Without your help and contributions, my vision will be a little lonely.


You can see my guides on Immigration issues, post comments, ask me questions, create or join a group and network with others who are emigrating or connect with experts who can provide great advice.


Much of the information you read online is either out of date or misleading or incomplete. At Global Visas, my aim is simply to allow people to get connected to each other and experts across the world who may not appear on the first page of google near you but are truly brilliant at what they do.  We hope you can discuss their plans with those experts who can offer their ideas and solutions.  To ensure you receive the best advice our experts and moderators ensure the advice is correct from trusted members.

I hope you can discuss your plans with those experts or myself, to share our ideas and solutions.  I moderate our site to ensure the advice offered is correct from trusted members.


All I ask is that you are respectful of others and you join in. The more you share the more you will receive in return.

Help me to keep our site informative and a great free resource for everyone to use.


If you have a question or if you can share your experience on immigration law, visas available, shipping, employment, tax, accommodation, investments or a business facing global mobility challenges. Join us and get connected to a world of expertise and be prepared to have your thirst for knowledge quenched and hopefully make some friend along the way!

Finally, I would like to say welcome and thank you for making Global Visas possible.


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    Where Can I Emigrate To?

    I’m now living in Dubai and l want to travel to either Australia, Canada, or Germany so l want to know if you can help get a visa to any of those countries l listed.

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      Your Immigration Expert Post author

      Hello Michael,

      We can certainly provide free advice on all those destinations. The first thing you need to do is pick your destination. You did not mention where you are from or your skills and qualifications. It would be good to know this to give more advice. We are here to help when you pick your destination, there are several immigration companies in Dubai who charge large fees for immigration advice and we have found their services expensive so you might want to join our forum and secure some great immigration expert advice for free.

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